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Men's rings

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In this section you will find our entire collection of men's rings. We offer rings made of the finest materials including titanium, tungsten, ceramics and stainless steel. The menus below will help guide you through the vast selection that we carry. Also, we provide you with an easy to follow guide that will ensure that you can measure your finger circumference properly for that perfect fit.
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EU/US/UK - 49mm / 5 / J½

EU/US/UK - 51mm / 5¾ / L

EU/US/UK - 52mm / 6 / L½

EU/US/UK - 53mm / 6½ / M½

EU/US/UK - 54.5mm / 7 / N½

EU/US/UK - 55mm / 7¼ / O

EU/US/UK - 57mm / 8 / P½

EU/US/UK - 58mm / 8¼ / Q

EU/US/UK - 59mm / 8¾ / R

EU/US/UK - 60mm / 9¼ / S

EU/US/UK - 61mm / 9½ / S½

EU/US/UK - 62mm / 10 / T½

EU/US/UK - 63mm / 10½ / U½

EU/US/UK - 64mm / 10¾ / V

EU/US/UK - 65mm / 11¼ / W

EU/US/UK - 66mm / 11½ / W½

EU/US/UK - 67mm / 12 / X½

EU/US/UK - 68mm / 12¼ / Y

EU/US/UK - 70mm / 13 /

EU/US/UK - 72.5mm / 14 / Z3

EU/US/UK - 73mm / 14¼ /

EU/US/UK - 75mm / 15 /

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279 Products found
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Men's rings

Men's rings are not limited to simple wedding rings anymore. Rings make a fashion statement and are an extension of your personality for all to see and admire. The wonderful materials used in ring making, let alone the incredible designs, from classy to quirky and everything in between, let you find several rings that will reflect your life style. Below, we give you a quick review of each ring material that are all of course tested for nickel content.

The section headed "Dimensions" indicates the size of each individual ring. The most common sizes fall between 6 and 8mm. For example, a standard wedding ring would be 6mm in width. Larger rings of 8mm usually have more showy design and can even be worn on your thumb. The choice is really up to your tastes in hand jewellery.

Stainless steel rings

Stainless steel is an metal alloy made from iron, chromium and carbon. Stainless steel has many different uses from cookware to jewellery subsequently there are therefore many varying qualities of it being produced. At Trendhim, we only use the top quality for our steel rings and that is 316L stainless steel, also known as surgical steel. Stainless steel rings are the most common and popular rings for men.

Titanium rings

Titanium is a relatively new material of which to make jewellery from. Titanium rings are made in two different grades either 90% or 99.2% titanium content. At Trendhim, we only sell 99.2% content also called "pure titanium". Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of all the metals.

Titanium is as strong as steel but much less dense. Titanium is extremely durable, harder to scratch than steel and it is highly resistant to corrosion. Titanium rings weigh half as much as steel and are very comfortable to wear. Titanium is also hypoallergenic which is great news for those people that have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain metals.

Sterling silver rings for men

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or some other metal alloy. Pure silver on its own is too soft to make jewellery with, so usually copper is added to give it enough rigidity to hold its shape. Sterling silver is very popular for wedding and engagement rings because of its shiny lustre, so any ring made from sterling silver will look beautiful on your hand. Of course, as with any product made out of sterling silver, it does require a little polishing every once and a while to maintain its beauty.

Tungsten rings

Tungsten weighs 4 times as much as steel and is twice as hard, so you know it can be made into solid masculine rings. Rings of tungsten are very hard to scratch and remain shiny forever. That is because tungsten is much denser that steel or titanium. It is comparable with ruby stones in hardness and can only be polished and finished with diamond compounds. Be aware that some manufacturers produce tungsten rings that are actually tungsten and cobalt alloys thus are of inferior quality. Trendhim only sells tungsten rings that are free of any cobalt.

Ceramic rings

Ceramic is an extremely lightweight material that is nonetheless very strong. Ceramic tiles were after all used on the Space Shuttles to protect the vehicles during the harrowing re-entry stage. Ceramic rings are also highly resistant to scratches and are comparable in quality to tungsten rings. Ceramics are definitely not fragile and are highly chemical resistant. Ceramic rings are hypoallergenic meaning if you have sensitive skin or suffer allergic reactions to some metals, ceramics may be the answer for you.

Gold rings for men

Trendhim does not carry rings made out of real gold because the price fluctuations in that precious metal have gone out of whack and do not represent real good value anymore. Gold is a relatively soft metal that needs lots of maintenance and is usually coated with a thin layer of rhodium thus producing white gold that is shinier than pure gold. We instead offer a wide range of gold-coloured strong metals such as surgical steel and titanium.

Ring size guide

At Trendhim we show the inner circumference in mm, the US and the UK size for the rings we offer. For example, we’ll show ring size 62 / 10 / T ¹/₂, which means the ring has a circumference of 62mm, US ring size 10 and UK ring size T ¹/₂.
If you are uncertain about your actual ring size, we recommend that you use the following method to measure them.

1. Tie a piece of the thinnest possible string twice around your finger and make sure that it is snug.
2. Draw a line as shown across the string.
3. Then measure the distance between the lines you made on the string in mm, the result is your ring size. So for example the measure is 62 mm, then you must have a size of " 62 / 10 / T ¹/₂".

Modern rings for men

Men's rings have gone through a mighty evolution in the last ten years, thanks to new technology that permit the production of some very creative designs with a myriad of patterns and specific themes to choose from. The rings now run the gamut from skull head rings to bling rings and just about anything in between. From over-sized skull rings worthy of blood thirsty pirates to elegantly masculine rings adorned with a black zirconia stone, we are certain that you will find something in our collections that will reflect your keen sense of style and your unique personality for all the world to see.