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High-quality accessories make it easy to reach new levels of refinement. Dressing up in luxury is the perfect way to stand out in the sea of hastily-assembled outfits at formal events.

In this guide, we’ll show you the 7 suit accessories worth spending a bit extra on, and give you a shortcut to perfectly-matched bling for your dapper dress.

1 7 must-haves for men 1.1 Neckties1.2 Tie clips1.3 Pocket squares1.4 Belts1.5 Bow ties1.6 Cufflinks1.7 Lapel pins1.8 Matching sets


Every man needs a few of these in their wardrobe, ready to pull out when the situation calls for one.

For a rough but luxurious texture that sets you in a league of your own, go for a cashmere and wool necktie. It'll give you a casual look with a velvety-smooth touch.

If you're after something a little more traditional, a silk tie is a sure bet. Silk is a soft and durable, wrinkle-resistant fabric that gives a timeless shine to your look. It retains its shape, making you look polished no matter how late it is or how many pints you've had.


Ties have a mind of their own. Be it the wind or your amazing dance moves, they tend to expose the buttons on your shirt at the worst possible moment. That's why tie clips are a necessity.

For a timeless, sleek look, go for a thin 925s silver tie clip. If you’re looking for something in a warmer colour, a 14k gold-plated sterling silver clip can't fail.

Clips with natural stones give your outfit a guaranteed one-of-a-kind touch.


Without one, you'll look incomplete. A subtle but impactful accessory, the pocket square brings your whole look together.

We recommend silk for that next-level shine and texture. Silk holds its shape well, doesn't crease, and is very durable. Get one with a twill weave for an unmistakable texture that adds dimension to your look.

If you prefer something with a unique print, go for a smooth pocket square with a paisley pattern or a floral print.


You can't accessorise like a pro without a high-quality leather belt. It's the element that ties together all other leather in your look – your shoes, the strap on your watch, whatever bag you bring along, etc.

Nothing beats a full-grain leather belt in luxury. Black and brown are the must-haves to keep your options open, and each will develop a rich patina and adapt to your shape with time. Full-grain leather is the highest grade of leather – a good long-term investment.


Once the pinnacle of sophistication, bow ties have become the go-to for more light-hearted looks. For the perfect blend of elegance and personality, you can’t go wrong with a silk self-tie bow tie.

For even more distinct looks, wooden bow ties are surefire show-stoppers.


Cufflinks make a huge difference to your look. Gunmetal grey stainless steel adds a sombre tone while gold delivers up-beat bling. Classic 925s silver cufflinks are simple and timeless. Sterling silver never fails to class up an outfit.

If you’re feeling more daring, cufflinks with natural stone inlays add a one-of-a-kind texture to your look. Interactive pieces like mechanical clockwork or rotating propeller cufflinks are great conversation starters.


Lapel pins are a fantastic way to tie your look together. A matching tie clip, cufflinks, and a lapel pin = smooth perfection. For a timeless look, nothing beats gold-plated sterling silver.

Mother-of-pearl and natural stones bring a distinct texture, but lapel pins come in a wide variety of expressive styles.


The cheat-code to elevating your formal look. These pre-made sets give you flawlessly-matched suit accessories, removing all the guesswork.