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Week 38
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Accessories & jewellery for men

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jewellery & accessories for men

At Trendhim we sell everything in accessories and jewellery for men. We offer a very large selection of jewellery, which is what it all began with back in 2008. Since then, however, much has changed and our business has evolved to include a great variety of products for men.
Accessories for men entails a very wide range of goods, and there is still plenty of room for us to expand our collection. Our main focus right now is on our own production of stylish, high quality, yet affordable products.

The newest addition.

We keep adding models to our collection and expanding in new directions. One of our latest initiatives is our classic shaving for men section. Especially our straight razors have been very well received. We have focused on quality, and tried to offer something new to the market, which seems to have paid off. We have tried to include everything a man needs to shave and take care of his skin and therefore also offer shaving brushes in many different cuts and qualities.
If you are just starting out with traditional shaving, make sure you check out our shaving sets. They make a great gift and are also the perfect starting point to get acquainted with classic straight or safety razor shaving.
Bags for men in genuine leather is another new category that we've fallen in love with. In our Leather Bags section you will find our entire range. All items here are made of the best quality leather.

The history of men's jewelery.

It all started back in 2008, when two young men, just out of high school, decided to start Denmark's best online store selling jewellery for men. In its infancy, the focus was just on necklaces and bracelets. Especially leather bracelets were a great success for us, and they still are today.

Today, besides the UK, Trendhim is active in the following countries:
We started out wanting to sell mens jewellery in Norway and Sweden, but since then its grown beyond our expectations.

jewellery fashion then and now

Fashion trends in men's jewellery and accessories have not changed much since 2008. Leather and steel are still what occupies the hearts. Men's watches are probably still the most popular accessory, but these days, bracelets and necklaces have become a regular part of a man's wardrobe.
Recently, men's fashion seems to be looking back to the past a lot. Accessories like pocket watches have become popular again, and both bowties and ties are now available in retro patterns and old-fashioned materials like cotton and cashmere wool.
One thing is certain, jewellery and accessories for men are here to stay, and if you have not already a dedicated part of your wardrobe for it, it is time to get started.

Focus on service and fast delivery
We take pride in providing good quality at affordable prices. We offer a 365-day return policy, and free shipping no matter how small or big your order.
We wish you a great shopping experience, and if you have any ideas or comments, please feel free to contact us.