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Suspenders, also known as trouser braces, have been around for centuries, yet they lost quite a bit of their popularity during the last few decades. That's all changed, because suspenders are 100% hip and happening again. And of course we produced our own awesome range of suspenders that you can find just below!
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Suspenders for men - Why you should get them?

Because your pants shouldn’t be around your ankles. That’s one reason, but they’ve become quite the fashion item as well. Suspenders were first worn in the 18th century as an undergarment, but since the 1960’s have become an overgarment for fashion purposes and can be worn in a variety of social scenarios.

Braces for men - from undergarment to fashion

As long as you aren’t wearing both suspenders and a belt, you can mix and match suspenders in all sorts of ways. The most common top to wear suspenders with is a coloured shirt, but there’s no reason you can’t rock a regular tee with suspenders either. They now come in various materials, colours and prints so you can buy a whole range if you like. If you are looking for a pair or two of cheap suspenders, choose colours and fabrics that match your most common shirt type.

Suspenders mens new accessory

Suspenders can be awesome. When someone walks into a room full of confidence wearing suspenders, they’re memorable. If you can create an aura around you wearing suspenders, you are creating a personal brand of sorts.

Buttons versus clips

Both are fine with whatever look you’re going for. Suspenders with buttons tend to be cleaner and tidier and if there aren’t any buttons on your pants, you can sew them on yourself. Clips can look hip with the major downside being that they may damage the waistband of your pants over time.

Tips for wearing suspenders

Suspenders did have the ‘nerdy’ reputation, which is totally fine. But it’s not the look everyone wants to rock. If you want the hipster look, consider these tips when buying suspenders.

  • Matching the fabric. No clear cut rules here. But we suggest you either match the fabric of your suspenders matching with the rest of your outfit, or choose a completely contrasting fabric. Rocking the leather suspenders? Then the colour should be matching with your shoes.

  • An X, Y or H pattern at the back. The pattern on the back is for additional support and strength. The only reason to wear an H pattern is if you're rocking lederhosen or fighting fires. The X and Y patterns are best for fashion purposes.

  • Width of fabric. You can find fabric widths of all ranges with the safe options in the 1.25” - 1.5” range. If you’re looking for functional suspenders, you’ll want wider fabric. Less than 1.00” and you’re wearing suspenders for trendy reasons only.

Leather suspenders - the big hit

Especially the leather suspenders have emerged lately as a big hit. Even though you can get the suspenders in a lot of different fabrics, it is still the classic leather suspender men want. Why? Because they are timeless and add a lot of charisma and extra sharpness to your look.

Cool suspenders - Where to buy suspenders for men in the UK?

Just up above. We have a variety of suspenders available to match any setting you’ll be wearing your suspenders in.