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A very special kind of ring, the signet ring is a piece of jewellery that's made to stand out and be noticed. Historically, those men who wished to display their rank and power in society wore signet rings. They usually featured intricate engravings, unique to every ring. One of the main purposes of a signet ring was to make personalised wax seals for letters and envelopes. Nowadays, they're more of a cool fashion statement.
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Family identification

Heraldry rose in the middle ages, making signet rings not only accessories that reflected wealth but also items that simply and elegantly identified a gentleman by the family to which he belonged. It's very rare to find a man who will still sport his heraldic family signet ring. However, men still wear them with other designs as a way to make a fashion statement.

If you do have the signet ring for your family's coat of arms, you probably should use this accessory sparingly and also take good care of it.

Used as seals

Heads of families would use their signet rings as a seal. The rings were generally made of gold or silver and were thus costly. They would be handed down from father to son and featured the family crest, coat of arms, or emblem, usually engraved in the flat section of the ring. Some of them also displayed precious gems.

Men's signet rings also served the purpose of officializing any letter. This was done so that they could send messages to anybody even when they were travelling. Unless you're one to carry your seal wax everywhere you go for fun, your family crest signet ring is an item you'll want to forgo.

Signet rings for men and timeless style

The option of having a custom signet ring made exists, but unfortunately, not at Trendhim. The options are endless: from different levels of gold purity materials to a university, military, or religious emblem.

Yet, the signet ring, or the gentleman's ring, is a jewellery item that has evolved into a bold fashion statement. There has been an increase in signet rings sales recently with simple designs. Plain, with gems, or with an aged look, signet rings don't have to be expensive or even made of precious metals. Anyone can own a luxe and legitimate-looking signet ring.

Signet rings are often worn on the pinkie, but some men also wear them on their ring finger. While showing impeccable and classic taste, these rings can reflect a man's emotional connections to the places or institutions to which he belongs.