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Weekly look
Week 17
Week 17
We highlight a brand new look every, single week, made up of the coolest products and brands.

Inspiration / Looks

We highlight a brand new look every, single week, made up of the coolest products and brands.

Here’s a quick overview of all the weekly looks.

Week 1Effortless Swag
Week 52Laid-Back Classic
Week 51Dapperly Detailed
Week 50Weekend Vibes
Week 49Winter Feels
Week 48Cold Weather Meetings
Week 47Winter Blues
Week 46The Pull of Wool
Week 45A Tip of the Hat
Week 44Cold Weather Warrior
Week 43Cocooned in Warmth
Week 42The King of Comfy
Week 41Cold Weather Ready
Week 40Layered Love
Week 39Monochrome Man
Week 38Smooth n' Simple
Week 37Docks of Århus
Week 36On The Move
Week 35Vitruvian Man
Week 34The Messenger
Week 33Deep Blue Sea
Week 32Summer Breeze
Week 31Suspended Suspense
Week 30Sir Suave
Week 29Get Chill
Week 28Chillin
Week 27Brace Yourself
Week 26Tweed Indeed
Week 25The Scenic Route
Week 24Relax, Take It Easy
Week 23Stepping Out
Week 22Take a Peak
Week 21The Great Escape
Week 20Spring Into Action
Week 19Dressed to the Nines
Week 18Stripe Love
Week 17Out of the Blue
Week 16Flat Cap Casual
Week 15Old School Suave
Week 14Hats Above The Rest
Week 13The Casual Kid
Week 12Lighten Up
Week 11Hats On
Week 10Rendezvous
Week 9New Neutrals
Week 8The Journeyman
Week 7Sir Stripes
Week 6Easy-breezy
Week 5Destination Unknown
Week 4Old School Three Piece
Week 3Leather Weather
Week 2The Explorer
Week 1Ready on Time
Week 52Bon Voyage
Week 51Black Attack
Week 50Flower Power
Week 49Workday Winner
Week 48Brown & Grey All Day
Week 47Dapper Dude
Week 46Coffee Shop Casual
Week 45The Ring's the Thing
Week 44Luxe Layers
Week 43Captain of Style
Week 42Waterproof Wonder
Week 41Uncharted Waters
Week 40Weekend Warrior
Week 39The Midas Touch
Week 38Seize the Day
Week 37Man Purse Must Have
Week 36Cool and Casual
Week 35Posh Paisley
Week 34Plum Perfect
Week 33Fabulous Floral
Week 32Nifty Thrifty
Week 31French Mode
Week 30Go With Suspenders
Week 29Black Star
Week 28Bad and Beautiful
Week 27Anchoring Good Habits
Week 26Keep It Simple
Week 25Blaze A Trail In Greens & Blues
Week 24Let's Have Some Fun
Week 23Silver Fox
Week 22Ready For Business
Week 21Super Slick In Black & Gold
Week 20Dress For Success
Week 19Urban Pirate
Week 18Old Meets New
Week 17Here We Go Again
Week 16Let's Suit Up Boys!
Week 15More Leather Please
Week 14Style Leader
Week 13Spring Is In The Air
Week 12Stylin' Country Boy
Week 11Hey Casanova!
Week 10Smooth Criminal
Week 9Defining Casual Chic
Week 8Fuse Quality With Cool
Week 7Rejoice in Smart Casual
Week 6Sweet Simplicity
Week 5Don't Over Work It!
Week 4Perfect Weekend Getup
Week 3Naughty In Navy
Week 2Bold and bright
Week 1Dangerously well dressed
Week 52Brown Is The New Black
Week 51The Stonewash Look Is Back
Week 50Va Va Voom In Violet
Week 49Driving home for Christmas
Week 48The future ahead
Week 47Mr. Dapper
Week 46If it fits… I sits
Week 45Bombs away
Week 44A deer in the lapel
Week 43Accessorised by surprise
Week 42Back in baby blue
Week 41Summer fall
Week 40Welcoming Sidegren
Week 39Green life
Week 38Walking your leather bag
Week 37Bag it up
Week 36Sunny days
Week 35Fancy a cup of dapper?
Week 34Dapper with a side of Dapper
Week 33The 3-piece suit
Week 32All dressed up
Week 31Winter isn’t coming
Week 30Staying accessorised
Week 29Sunny sunglasses
Week 28Deer in the headlights
Week 27Pink City Man
Week 26Now this is casual
Week 25Suit jogging
Week 24London has risen
Week 23Thank you sheep
Week 22Hunt for colors
Week 21Accessories in black
Week 20Green with envy
Week 19The savior blazer
Week 18Before Dusk
Week 17Explorer's outfit
Week 16Brown is back in town
Week 15Sea breeze
Week 14Touch of red
Week 13Morning sun
Week 12Dressed In A Cross
Week 11Back In Pink
Week 10Everyday Casual
Week 9Playful Spring
Week 8Spring Feeling
Week 7Black and Cool
Week 6Casual Business
Week 5Subdued Flowers
Week 4Old School
Week 3Casual Weekend Style
Week 2Black Essentials
Week 1Blue Gentleman

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