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Christmas ties

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You have to make a decision now. Do you wear a christmas tie at that upcoming christmas party or just a normal one? Really the choice is an illusion, cause we both know the right answer is always christmas tie. We have some base colours in our selection but we also have a hand full of styles we've designed and produced our selves. Find the entire selection below.
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24 Products found
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Length of mens Christmas ties

Even back in Jesus days, I'm sure the same rules applied; the tip of the tie should touch the belt, whether we're talking a christmas tie or a normal tie. It should not be longer nor shorter, but just at that belt range.”length

Width of the Xmas tie

Here's a rule of thumb not many men know about. The widest part of the tie should actually match the widest part of your jacket lapel. And that goes for both Christmas and non-christmas ties.

Our favorite holiday

Christmas is probably our favorite holiday, even though many experience a family overdose and climbing weight graphs, the prevailing theme is simply an overall good time. And good times naturally call for an appropriate wardrobe.

This year we've tried to give you a solid selection of christmas accessories, the best seller being the necktie. And it doesn't matter if you're going for that over-the-top, awkward, 'ugly sweater' look, or something that actually looks good. We've got you covered! And the good news is, both are fantastic conversation starters. Although a heads up! If you're looking for a music playing christmas necktie, you won't find it here... Come on! We've got standards!

The christmas bow tie

As if the selection of ties weren't enough. You want more huh? Luckily we expected that, so we've also managed to get a hold of a great selection of christmas bow ties. You will neither go hungry nor bow tie less this Christmas. As a matter of fact we've got you covered on both normal and woven bow ties. Have a look at the selection above.

A christmas pocket square

.. to go with that bowtie. We haven't forgotten about the last detail, and neither should you. If you want that christmas party atmosphere to warm everyone around you. Shop a christmas pocket square as well. See the selection above.

Funny christmas ties

If you are in need of a funny christmas tie - look no further. You can find a variety of christmas ties with funny motives on Trendhim. Have some additional fun by wearing a necktie that will give you something to talk about.