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The popularity of pocket watches is growing fast in the UK thanks to their retro appeal and intricate designs. Our pocket watches are constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel and PVD coated, resulting in a scratch- and tarnish-resistant surface. Black, gold-tone, rose gold-tone, silver-tone, and vintage - we have mechanical and quartz pocket watches to suit any style. Every watch we sell comes with a detachable chain and a full 2-year guarantee.

31 products
31 products


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Pocket watches date back to the advent of the first clocks. Back then, they were the only portable timepieces worn by gentlemen worldwide.

Because of their increasing popularity, we at Trendhim have chosen to offer a wide range of models in classic gold and silver tones, various patterns, and other features.

Pocket watches in black, gold and silver tones

We offer black pocket watches and rose gold- and gold-tone pocket watches. The PVD coating process involves superheating titanium nitride to the plasma level and fusing it to the metal's surface at the molecular level.

This creates a gorgeous and even coating that’s scratch and tarnish resistant, and keeps our prices competitive, allowing us to deliver beautiful and unique pocket watches that don't cost a small fortune. The silver colour is a natural result of the stainless steel casings.

Pocket watch size

Pocket watches usually have a dial diameter of 4.5cm (1.78"), but they come in various shapes and sizes. They’re designed to fit perfectly in waistcoat pockets, and most come with a detachable chain. The chains are of different lengths, types, and thicknesses as well.

Types of pocket watches: Mechanical vs quartz

There are two types of pocket watches: mechanical movement and quartz movement. As with wristwatches, they're powered either by an interchangeable battery for the quartz models or actual winding in the mechanical movement.

  • A quartz pocket watch will keep time as long as the battery lasts. These are generally more accurate than mechanical watches and less expensive. Its battery will last about 3 years, but if you store it with the crown out when not using it, you can extend the battery’s life.
  • Mechanical pocket watches run for up to two days per rewind. Generally, that's not a problem because this style of watch is usually worn on special occasions. Watch connoisseurs (horologists) tend to prefer mechanical watches because of their intricate machinery. Some mechanical pocket watches are automatic, meaning they wind as you move thanks to a small weight that oscillates as you walk, winding the mainspring.

Find more info about watches in our Ultimate Guide to Men’s Watches.

The watch on the left is mechanical with a smooth sweep. The watch on the right has a definite cadence to its sweep.

Can you engrave pocket watches?

Most pocket watches can be engraved on the caseback. Some hunter watches (those with closable lids) can feature engravings on the inside or outside of the lid.

Even if we don’t offer an engraving service for the watch you like, you may be able to have it engraved at your local jeweller. Ornate pocket watches with intricate designs may not be able to take an engraving.

Typical text for engraving includes “World’s best dad,” “Congratulations,” and a simple “I love you.”

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