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Black Pocket Watches

The black pocket watch is a modern and revised edition of the classic gold or silver pocket watch. The black pocket watches have the same vintage style and design, but with a more contemporary look. This type of pocket watch has more options when it comes to styling, than the traditional pocket watch, because it is easier matched with the more modern types of clothes.

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Can be worn with any outfit

The black pocket watch can be worn with basically any outfit and will add some elegance and class to even the most laid-back jeans or chinos. The black pocket watch brings an urban vibe and a look that exude confidence.

The black pocket watch can me made personal with an engraving or a chain of your own choice. And that is one of our favourite things about the pocket watch - it is such a personal item.

Our black pocket watches are made from stainless steel and have a nice finish and an over-all exclusive looking exterior. If you are into the look, you should check out our product. We aim to inspire, and we will be happy to provide you with further styling tips - feel free to reach out.