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Men's rings with stones

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Here you can see our entire collection of rings for men that are adorned with stones. These rings are made from 316L surgical steel and the gem-like adornments are actually zirconia stones. Use the menus to filter your way to your favourites.
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Surgical steel

Stainless steel

925 Sterling Silver


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EU/US/UK - 54.5mm / 7 / N½

EU/US/UK - 57mm / 8 / P½

EU/US/UK - 58mm / 8¼ / Q

EU/US/UK - 60mm / 9¼ / S

EU/US/UK - 61mm / 9½ / S½

EU/US/UK - 62mm / 10 / T½

EU/US/UK - 63mm / 10½ / U½

EU/US/UK - 64mm / 10¾ / V

EU/US/UK - 65mm / 11¼ / W

EU/US/UK - 67mm / 12 / X½

EU/US/UK - 68mm / 12¼ / Y

EU/US/UK - 70mm / 13 /

EU/US/UK - 73mm / 14¼ /

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15 Products found
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Rings with zirconia stones

Zirconia stones are synthesized and therefore can be produced to resemble precious gems in a multitude of colours. Zirconia stones represent a great alternative to real diamonds and other expensive precious stones. They look very similar and are used more and more in the fabrication of jewellery. Trendhim has a wide selection of rings and earrings for men that feature inlaid and mounted zirconia stones in varying sizes or shapes.

Ring sizing

For all ring sizes we show: circumference in mm, the US ring size and the UK ring size. For example, we’ll show ring size 62 / 10 / T ¹/₂, which means the ring has an inner circumference of 62mm, US ring size 10 and UK ring size T ¹/₂.

Use the following easy method to find out your ring size:
guide to ring sizing
1. Tie a piece of string tautly around the finger twice.
2. Then draw a line across as shown..
3. Your ring size in mm will be the distance between both marks.