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2-Pack Black Y-Style Shirt Holders

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Tames wild shirts

One size fits all

Fully adjustable

Product description

Don't like your shirt slipping out of your trousers and getting all wrinkled halfway through the day? A pair of these Y-style holders will keep things in line. Slim and trim, black suspenders are the stylish way to keep your attire in order.

Made from high-quality polyester. Fully adjustable and elastic. Solid metal clips ensure a secure fit. Comfortable for all-day wear. Includes 2 pieces.


ID: 13965
Width: 2.5cm
Max length: 90cm when stretched


Zinc alloy

Customer Reviews (23)

See Google translated reviews (23)from international costumers
By Axel- 08/04/19

Good with the risk of being a little too short

You get what is expected. However, I feel that it is 185 cm long that it is just that they are just long enough. Maximum stretched and it works. However, the adjustment mechanism is quite large and can therefore be seen if the pants are tight

Translated by Google
By Enrico- 04/04/19

They work

The length should be adjusted for each different shirt and different types of socks, to avoid combinations of a very short shirt and ankle sock or very long shirt and stocking above the knee because at the extremes it does not work very well, except these cases does its job. Not the apotheosis of comfort, but still comfortable, after a while 'that you bring you no longer realizes you have them on

Translated by Google
By Γιώργος- 26/03/19

Very good!

Everything to do for the job it is. I was expecting to bother when I was sitting but it does not bother me at all.

Translated by Google
By Jonas- 31/12/18

Exactly what you pay for.

Perfect for the shirt. Adjustable braces, instead of just metal when tightening them, is the inner thorny plastic instead of not damaging the textiles. Since you can send these by mail is how good it is, freight is good!

Translated by Google
By Иван-Асен- 24/10/18

They are great. Their length is very easy to adjust and the snap is very tight. No trouble is spent all day with them without having to fix my shirt.


Translated by Google
By Петър- 29/05/18

Excellent product.

All the time my shirt was in place. In the morning after the ball, I had the same neat look as when I left the house.

Translated by Google
By Юлиян- 28/05/18


Do an ideal job.

Translated by Google
By pantelis- 23/05/18


Kalo itan, 8a protimousa perissoterh poikilia (xrwma / megethos / poiothta ulikwn).

Translated by Google
By Daniel- 05/05/18

Do the job but trouble when you are tall

I'm 190cm and have trouble I can not stretch it far enough. if you are tall and will use you of this, it requires very high socks!

Translated by Google
By Κρυστάλλης- 17/04/18

Very good

I do not have a complaint from Trendhim, I received it on the dates that I had to be in careful packaging etc in all that is impeccable ... Neither with the product after doing the one for which it is perfectly designed ... The only negative is that I have unfortunately noticed that it looks through the pants when it comes to it ... Perhaps it could have been more "delicate" manufacture .... In this product category is the only choice we have and I would like to have a little more variety, only that!

Translated by Google
By Alessio- 05/04/18



Translated by Google
By Mikkel- 03/04/18

Easy and fast delivery.

Easy service on the website, fast delivery. The shirt holder seems to be a bit short (I'm 186cm), so it feels a bit strained to wear it. Had the elasticity been longer, I would be more satisfied.

Translated by Google
By Lukas- 28/02/18

Top product, only to be recommended

The shirt holder fulfills its purpose and, after getting used to it, does not even stand up, even with a lot of movement.

Translated by Google
By Katerina- 24/02/18


The goods arrived in the expected number, quality and time. :)

Translated by Google
By Elia- 06/02/18

Like what I expected

The product was as I expected and will stay really good thanks to the clips.

Translated by Google
By Камен- 02/01/18

I like!

Quality workmanship.

Translated by Google
By Ørjan- 26/12/17

Very good!

Works super!

Translated by Google
By Daniel- 23/11/17

Am satisfied. Satisfies its purpose well and is comfortable to wear.

Good quality and workmanship of the fabric. Looks great and fulfills the purpose perfectly. I am very happy with the product.

Translated by Google
By André- 27/10/17

Tighten up the shirt.

It was a bit in an attempt they were bought and also have a functional function. However, the fabric is not so comfortable to drive up one's legs.

Translated by Google
By Hera- 27/09/17

Wonderful and practical .. saved me ..!

First of all to note that it was the only thing I could find in Greece .. I wanted my boy a lot and while I was looking for days, I found it to you. How use is extremely practical and I think it should come out in other colors like Bordeaux or dark beige and blue .. as a woman in a men's chat I'm talking .. These .. Very good and I especially liked the clips that have that do not destroy the fabric of shirt and sock ..

Translated by Google
By Bruce- 23/09/17

Low quality

One of the clips broke out for the first time.

Translated by Google
By Laurent- 17/08/17

Top fashion partner

Product does exactly what it was designed for.

Translated by Google
By Malthe- 05/05/17

Gets an old and a little too big shirt to sit well

They are very good. I bought a little in an attempt to try them out and see if they were good and they got a big old shirt to sit like a new one. However, they sometimes go up.

Translated by Google
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