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Men's Ear Cuffs

Want the look of an orbital earring but not ready to go under the needle just yet? Browse our selection of men’s ear cuffs, from silver- and gold-tone to black, crafted from durable brass. A quick and painless way to tell your story.

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Ear cuffs are pieces of jewellery that wrap around the helix and antihelix of your ear. They're curved for comfort and secure hold, and are easy to put on and take off.

Because ear cuffs don't need a pierced hole, they're versatile – you can mix and match them at will. Wear one at the top of your helix and at the bottom – you get a new look each day.


Wondering what type of ear cuff to get? We’ll make it easy for you by breaking it down into three categories: materials, colour, and design.

We use brass for our ear cuffs since it’s softer than steel, making it easy to mould into a shape that wraps comfortably around your helix. Plus, it’s rust and corrosion resistant – your brass ear cuff will last you a lifetime.

Our ear cuffs come in gold tone, silver tone, and black. Gold tone pairs best with warmer skin tones and adds a touch of luxury, while timeless silver tone looks best with cooler ones. Black, of course, looks good on everyone and matches well with anything.

All our coloured metal designs are PVD-coated – titanium nitride (gold tone) and titanium carbonitride (black) are fused to the surface on a molecular level, so the stunning finish is scratch and tarnish resistant. No fading or flaking over time, either.


You’ve got the colour and material – time to decide on the design. When it comes to accessories, most men go for a clean and classic look. In this case, a sleek 3 mm cuff is your perfect fit. Feeling brave enough to experiment? Choose a wider 10 mm cuff in an intricate geometric pattern or an edgy skull – bold and unmissable.