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Designed exclusively for men, our bolo ties feature Native American designs and stones, longhorns, wolves and even Celtic knots. If you’re ready to ditch your everyday necktie and be adventurous, shop our selection of bolo ties that are fit for cowboys and city slickers alike.

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The bolo tie – or bola tie, shoestring tie, or bootlace tie – is an iconic symbol of cowboys and the wild west. But this staple of America’s Midwestern fashion is no longer reserved for lasso wielding horse riders. It’s now a welcomed addition around any man’s neck.

The name bola tie came from an adaption of the word ‘boleadoras’, tools used by Argentinian gauchos to capture animals. Some of the earliest bolos were pieces of string used by Native Americans to hold bandanas around their necks. Decorated with shells and other finishes, these shoestring neckties were the start of an entirely new way of accessorising.

Nowadays, bolo neckties are typically made of braided leather or cord and finished with decorated metal tips and secured with a clasp. The clasp is often adorned with turquoise stones, emblems or metal designs. If you’re ready to ditch your normal neckwear and try something unexpected, shop our selection of bolo ties designed exclusively for men.

How to Wear a Bolo Tie?

Bolos with Formal Shirts

This is the traditional way to wear a bolo tie. Button your shirt all the way up and wear your bolo exactly as you would a normal tie. Adjust the clasp so it fits right under your chin.

Bolo Ties with Casual Shirts

For a more relaxed vibe, wear your bolo tie loose around your neck and do not button the top button of your shirt. You can also wear a bolo necktie with a t-shirt. Simply put it on and keep it loose, do not tighten the clasp up to your neck. Treat the bolo tie like a necklace.