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Whether you’re travelling to a tropical paradise or simply want to recreate that vibe at the local pool, we have a summer-ready beaded necklace to get you there in style. All of our wooden bead necklaces are easy to wear and vary in length. The super long ones can be worn wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet stack. All models are in stock.

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Keeping those summer vibes doesn’t have to be hard. Introducing a new fashion accessory – a beaded necklace, for example – can change the entire feel of your outfit and doesn’t require a six pack or Daniel Craig’s tiny swimsuit from that Bond movie. A men’s beaded surfer necklace can be layered with other necklaces for a detailed look or worn alone for a surfer-lifestyle feel that’s easier to catch than a big wave. Each of our men’s necklaces is made with natural wood in a range of colours and styles.

What to Look For

When shopping for a men’s beaded necklace in wood, always check that the beads are indeed made from natural material. Plastic beads can be made to look like wood, but you’ll miss the organic feel and texture from the real thing. While wooden beads may remind us of the beach, they are not always waterproof. Wear it to, from and around the beach… just not in the water.

How to Wear It

Wooden beads are naturally lightweight and cool to the touch. This makes wooden beaded necklaces ideal for warmer temperatures because they’ll stay cool next to your skin. The real key to getting a beaded necklace (or any men’s necklace) right is in the proportions. Choose a necklace that fits exactly where you want it – nothing too low or it may get caught on a doorknob and nothing too high or you may choke yourself or worse… look like you’re constantly choking. Men’s beaded necklaces don’t require a lot of embellishment or pendants. They are best kept simple so the natural materials can be seen and respected. We offer wooden beaded bracelets in similar styles. Wearing one of these will bring your whole beach look together but be cautious of wearing too many. The last thing you want to do is look like you bought everything at a night market stall in Bangkok. One necklace and 1-2 bracelets will give the look without going over the top.

Where to Buy the Best Men’s Necklaces

That's easy. We have a killer selection of men's wooden beaded necklaces in various lengths and all with 100% natural materials.

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