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Thor's hammer necklaces

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Thor's hammer jewellery has always had a particularly masculine connotation and is a perennial favourite for many men.
Here are the necklaces with Thor's hammer pendants as well as other Norse mythology themes.
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35 Products found
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Thor's hammer jewellery

Thor's hammer jewellery is often called Viking jewellery and in this category you will also find Celtic designs and themes. These are very masculine jewellery pieces using ancient and venerated symbols. Typically, they are made from strong materials and tend to be larger than the average pendants.

This category contains all of our necklaces with Norse and Celtic themes. Both the pendants and their chains are made of 316L stainless steel, also known as surgical steel. Surgical steel is heavy and contributes to the masculinity of these pieces.

Jewellery from Norse mythology

Around 50 copies of ancient jewellery have been discovered dating from the 9th through 11th centuries with depictions of Thor's hammer. The necklaces that you will see here have designs that are based on these centuries old pieces, so they are quite authentic.

Thor was the god of thunder in Norse mythology and Mjölnir was his incredible hammer. Thor's hammer was one of the most feared weapons in Norse legends and was said to be able to summon lightning, wind and rain thus manipulating global weather. The hammer has a short shaft with a large head and most pieces are finely detailed.