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Wooden bow ties

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Yep, these bowties are made of wood, we kid you not! Why would you want to wear a wooden bowtie? Well, because they look good of course. Our wooden bowties provide the perfect opportunity to add a stylish twist to your outfit. A new take on a classic men's accessory.
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How to wear a wooden bow-tie

You can wear a wooden bow tie with any outfit you want of course, but in our opinion they work best with more casual outfits or a more formal outfit at an event without a strict dress code. A wooden bowtie can look great with a casual denim shirt and chinos, but will also add a stylish twist to your classic navy suit.

Pros of wearing a wooden bowtie

There are a few advantages the wooden bowtie holds over the classic fabric version.

1. Easy to put on. Tying a bowtie is not for the impatient. No need to worry about that with a wooden butterfly tie. You just put the flexible strap around your collar, tighten it up, and you're good to go in about 48 seconds. You've never added a stylish touch to your outfit faster than that.

2. Stand out from the crowd. A wooden bowtie can give you just that little edge your outfit needs to stand out from the crowd, in a good way. We guarantee there won't be too many other guys sporting a classy wooden bowtie!

3. Stay stylish all night long. A regular bow tie can lose its shape throughout the day/night, especially at events that involve a bit of dancing or other activities. None of that with a wooden bow tie. It's guaranteed to keep its shape all night long, as long as you keep your neck away from any candles or fires.

Matching your wooden bow tie

Wooden bow ties come in different shapes and colours, so don't forget to colour match them correctly! We believe they look best when there's some contrast with the shirt you're wearing, so if you are wearing a light shirt, go for a darker shade of wood, and vice versa a lighter shade of wood will contrast better with a dark shirt of course. Most wooden bow ties also have a small fabric part in the middle, which should complement the other colours you are wearing.

Sizing up your wooden bowtie

Make sure you choose a bowtie that's appropriate to the size of your body. If you're a bigger guy, opt for a bigger bow tie and buy a smaller model if you are of a smaller stature.

Go for a balanced look

A wooden bow tie will stand out from your outfit no matter what. However, what you don't want it to do is clash with your ensemble. You should therefore make sure that the rest of what you're wearing is in line with the style of the bowtie. If you fail to do this, it will just look out of place.

Durable quality

A well-crafted wooden bow-tie will last you a long long time if you take care of it. A fashion investment that's well worth it!