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Thinking of knitted things probably brings back memories of the itchy jumpers your nan lovingly knitted for you as a youngster. Luckily, knitted ties don't actually touch your skin when wearing them, so no need to worry about any itching. They're a unique alternative to classic ties that adds a casual yet stylish touch to any outfit.

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Why you need a knitted tie

A knitted tie isn't for everyone. Ties are usually worn to formal or semi-formal occasions, but can also be used to add an edge to a more casual outfit. Knitted ties are the perfect compromise between classic and casual attire. Therefore, they're great for events that don't have a very strict dress code.

The verdict is still out on men's knitted ties.

Everyone agrees that a knitted tie is a more casual accessory. However, some believe they shouldn't ever be worn with a formal suit. We disagree because we love how they break up the smooth and shiny look of suits.

Extremely convenient.

Ties are a pain to launder, especially if you rarely wear them. The standard men's knitted ties will be fine in the wash and come out looking good thanks to the extra stretch they have.

Denim and knitted ties.

Enjoy wearing a denim shirt but get frustrated by the stereotype they carry? A knitted tie works well with denim! Whip one on, and you'll suddenly feel presentable in front of your friends and loved ones.


As they tend to be a casual tie, they lack a certain crispness compared to a twill or woven tie. Knitted ties can shrink, stretch out, and can be clingy, making them look shabby quicker than other ties if you aren't mindful when tying one on.

How to use a knit tie for different occasions

Knitted ties aren't going to be a popular choice for formal events but they do possess the ability to dress down suits to a more casual affair. In short, they look great in more relaxed environments.

Knitted ties are seasonal when it comes to colour use. The usual assumption is that knit ties are for winter only. That isn't necessarily true. While a black or navy knitted tie go well in winter, a green knitted tie will suit spring and light knitted ties work great in warmer months.

Horizontal lines and polka dots work with knit. Polka dot ties are usually a no-go zone for most situations, but given the casual form of the men's knitted tie, you can get away with them as well as horizontal lines.

Weave density. The weave density is in correlation to the quality of the knitted tie. Think of them like your bed sheets. The denser the material, the softer the feel.

Where to buy the best knitted ties in the US?

A quality knitted tie always has a place in your wardrobe, or at least as a backup in your suitcase. Take a minute to think about the best colours that suit your wardrobe for different seasons and start your knitted tie shopping spree.