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The key to getting the right summer scarf is to find one that is lightweight and breathable. Our selection is created with breathable, summer-approved cotton and modal and designed to complement your summer outfit no matter how hot it gets outside.

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Can Men Wear Scarves in the Summer?

You may think that donning a scarf in the middle of the hot summer is like wearing your swim shorts to a board meeting. But the key to summer scarves is to find one that is light to wear. While most men’s scarves are made to protect you from the cold, lightweight summer scarves are designed with summer-friendly fabrics like cotton, modal and silk.

Scarves in the summer can certainly add a dash of colour and interest to your outfit, but they’re also great for those summer nights when you’re sitting outside with friends enjoying one more bottle of bubbly. Draped around your neck by day and providing the perfect amount of warmth by night, men’s summer scarves are the ultimate summertime accessory.

Shop our selection of lightweight men’s scarves – created with breathable fabrics and designed with patterns and colours that match your summer outfit and help make your story that much more interesting.

What’s the Best Fabric for a Summer Scarf?

Men’s summer scarves are completely different from winter ones. You’re not going to find chunky knitted wool or anything that will trap heat and make you sweat more than the summer sun is already doing. The best fabric for a summer scarf is one that breathes – like cotton or modal.

At Trendhim, we sell lightweight scarfs for men made from cotton and modal. Light cotton scarves are sturdier than their linen counterparts and are naturally breathable, soft and able to wick moisture away from your collar. Modal is another soft fabric for summer scarves. Made from the pulp of beech trees, modal is a renewable, eco-friendly material that is sustainable and has better water absorbency than cotton. Modal scarves are great for anyone concerned with comfort and the planet. For the best summer scarf for men, we suggest choosing a blend of cotton and modal.

How to Wear a Men’s Scarf in Summer

The summer scarf is incredibly versatile. For men looking for a casual vibe, simply drape the scarf around your shoulders and over a t-shirt. You can tie the scarf with a simple knot… but keep it loose. You don’t want the summer scarf to be worn too tightly. If you’re wearing a blazer, drape your fashion scarf under the blazer across your shoulders to show a hint of pattern and colour. For extra style, knot the scarf closer to your neck and tuck it inside a button-down shirt.