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Wallet chains aren’t for every man. But who wants to be that guy anyway? Whether you’re looking for biker wallet chains inspired by the open road or subtle versions designed to keep your wallet safe, shop our selection of wallet chains for the one that connects to your story.

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Wallet Chains – From Function to Style

A wallet chain is a chain with a clasp on both ends that fastens your wallet to your belt. The primary purpose of a wallet chain is to keep your wallet safe. And it’s not just would-be thieves that’ll leave your wallet alone… with a trouser chain, your wallet will stay safely in your pocket even when riding your motorbike. And let’s be honest, you’ll look cool too.

Wallet chains rose to fame and rightfully grabbed their place in history in the 1950s as bikers started wearing them to keep their wallets safe. It’s no secret that bikers, rockers and punks (the cool kind) gravitate towards accessories that set them apart. Trouser chains have been seen everywhere from fashion runways to hipster culture, but throughout it all, the wallet chain has remained a staple of the biker scene. Whether you’re after a wallet chain with handcuffs or a thick box chain, shop our expanding collection for the style and wallet-protecting-security you’re after.

How To Wear a Wallet Chain

1. First, attach one end of the wallet chain to the metal ring in your wallet – the grommet. Most chain wallets have this special ring. If you want to wear the pocket chain for style (or if your wallet does not have grommets), connect one end to one of the belt loops on the backside of your jeans. 2. Now that your wallet and chain are connected, slip your wallet into your back pocket. 3. The last step is to fasten the other end of the wallet chain to the belt loop on the front of your jeans. Be sure to attach it on the same side as your wallet. You don’t want to have the chain completely wrapped around your body.

Is There a Correct Side to Wear a Wallet Chain On?

There is no right or wrong side to wear a wallet chain on. Fasten your chain on the side where you keep your wallet. Usually, this is your dominant hand. If you’re a right-handed person, connect your jeans chain on your right side. Left-hand dominant? Fasten the chain on your left.