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Money clips

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A money clip is the simplest way of carrying your bank notes and cards around. If you're not a fan of bulky wallets, card slots, zippers, snap closures and all that fancy wallet stuff, a money clip is where it's at.
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Types of money clip wallets

There are many variations of men's money clips, but they generally can be put into 2 categories: classic money clips and money clip wallets/card holders.

Classic money clips

Money clips are the ultimate basic wallet. They're usually made of metal and are perfect for carrying around a few notes and bank cards. They're not only very practical but also serve as a sharp-looking accessory. And, they're perfect if you want to keep your wallet in your front pocket.

Money clip wallets/card holders

These are wallets or cardholders that feature a money clip instead of a classic paper money sleeve. Some of these have the clip on the outside, while others feature it inside the wallet.

Stainless steel money clips

Virtually all of our classic money clips are made of 100% stainless steel and will last you many, many years. Stainless steel the perfect material for a money clip and looks sleek to boot. It's more affordable than most wallets, and also acts as a unique and stylish men's accessory.

Features of money clips

Because of its basic design, a money clip doesn't come with gimmicky features that nobody really needs. The features they do come with, however, are all equally awesome.

Front pocket wallet

A money clip is the perfect front pocket wallet. You can't get more compact than carrying your essentials with a money clip. No more ugly bulging pockets, unless you're carrying a serious wad of cash, of course.

Durable money holder

A stainless steel money clip can last you close to a lifetime. Just don't stretch it out too much with dozens of notes and cards.

Slim down your pocket contents

Switching to a money clip wallet is the perfect opportunity to get rid of those old gym member cards, useless receipts, and other items you've been keeping in your wallet for no reason whatsoever.