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Men's Thin Watches

The thin watches for men are seen more and more each year. Earlier on, it was mainly the oversized, heavy watch, that has been associated with a man's watch. Today, it is less important to show masculinity through size and weight. Today, masculinity is about personality and integrity which means that men does not have to accessories in a certain way to be perceived as masculine.

Types of personalisation
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A personal touch 

There are many different styles when it comes to watches. More and more thin watches hit the market every year. This development gives men more options in their personal styling, and a larger variety in regard to their choices in watches. The mens thin watches are as stylish as they are in fashion - and for many, this watch is actually the better choice compared to a wide, heavy watch. 

How to wear the thin watch

The thin watches for men are often more elegant watches and can therefore be a preferable accessory to the slim fit shirt or suit, and is also a lighter, better match for the chinos and t-shirt summer outfit. The thin men's watch has a lot of great qualities and looks very flattering on - less chunky and more sophisticated than the type of watch formerly known as the men's watch.

Thin men's watches at Trendhim

Thin mens watches come in many different styles and looks; with leather straps or steel straps, ceramic, silver or gold. Here at Trendhim, we have a great variety in our selection of watches, and you are very welcome to have a look at our supply or look through our many articles on the matter. Maybe you will be inspired to join our Tribe where we always take extra care of our tribe-members.