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Men's Wood Rings

Natural men's wood rings are for the man that loves nature and outdoor living. Wooden rings for men tell the world that you’re an adventuresome, free spirit. It’s for the bold and wholesome man, who is down to earth, without compromising his looks.

Our men’s rings with a distinct, natural and beautiful inlay of wood are striking and have that natural elegance, you’ll get pairing metal and soft-toned wood. So, put an interesting edge to your ring or wedding band and opt for a wooden ring for men, say a sturdy steel ring with an inlay of wood.

Men’s wooden rings – for the love of nature and style

Choosing men’s rings in wood shows your strong connection to nature and a love for it. A wooden ring is stylish, fashionable and contemporary. You do indeed care about the world and even chooses to show your appreciation of nature and its beauty in your choice of accessories and rings.

At Trendhim we mix e.g. steel and wood, given our sleek and clean steel rings an inlay of wood. The addition of wood provides the rings with a rustic quality and charm, a refreshing style and loads - and loads of elegance.

Try pairing our wooden rings for men with, say a nice beaded bracelet or a leather necklace if you really want to underline and rock a nature loving, laid-back style. Or pair your men’s wood ring with a steel bracelet and your steel watch – it’ll look great.

Find your fashionable men’s wooden ring at Trendhim

Accessories and jewelry playing on an earthy theme are not only in fashion, they are a matter of lifestyle. Find your men’s ring with a beautiful wooden inlay at Trendhim - and show your deep love of nature with a stunning, sophisticated and unique ring that stands out.