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Black Onyx Men's Rings

Men’s black onyx rings are highly popular and have been so for centuries – thousands of years, really. We fully understand why: Black onyx rings for men are true statement pieces, adding power, elegance, and sophistication to every outfit, every look, and every man.

Why? Because the black onyx in itself is powerful.

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Men’s black onyx rings – a power-packed accessory

Onyx is one of the most well-known gemstones in men’s rings. The dramatic, black onyx is associated not only with strength – and loads of it – the semiprecious gemstone is also believed to boost courage, wisdom and self-control in the man that wears it. In addition, the stone gives you self-confidence, although we know you already have plenty of confidence, when wearing an eye-catching black onyx ring for men.

Black onyx is a form of quartz. The black onyx has a unique translucent surface that complements its hue and makes it oh so stunning.

How to wear your black onyx men’s ring

When shopping for men’s black onyx rings you can either opt for a signet ring, a plain silver band with an inlay of onyx – or you can go for statement and gimmick pieces that really flashes the black onyx in your ring.

Signet rings with a black onyx is a classic, yet fashionable choice and goes well with both a tuxedo, a suit, and a more casual look. If black in black is your style, a black onyx ring is close to being a “must have”. It adds style and personality to your appearance – opt for one of the larger signet rings or go all-in with a gimmick ring.

Wide selection of black onyx rings for men

At Trendhim you’ll find a wide selection of men’s black onyx rings. We’ve got a ring for every story, so what’s your story to tell?