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Silicone Rings For Men

The silicon ring has made its way into the fashion image over the last few years, and - for some guys - it is a good alternative to the classic metal rings. The silicone rings for men can be used both as an engagement or a wedding ring, or it can be used as a fashion statement or an accessory item.

Scratch free and easy to maintain

The silicone ring is a good choice for those who work with their hands a lot - craftsmen for example. It has a better and tighter fit, than the metal rings, and it does not slip no matter how sweaty or greasy your hands are. Furthermore, it is practically scratch free and therefore easy to maintain. And in addition to the upsides already mentioned, some use it for allergy reasons as well. 

Great look

The silicone ring is a very practical ring, but that is not all it is - it has a great look to. These rings come in all kinds of colors, patterns and shades, and are therefore great for at personalized, special look, where you are not left with only a few color choices. Silicone rings comes in a variety of designs and sizes, and some of them are made in such a way, that you have to get really close to see the difference between the silicone and the metal ring - this type, of course, is the obvious choice for the wedding ring. 

We have a great selection of rings, here at Trendhim - if you do not mind us saying so - and we hope to encourage you to have a look at our products. We have something for every style, every type and every man. Whether you are looking for an addition to an already personalized look, or you are looking for a clean, classic ring, we can hook you up.