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Beige Ties

The beige tie is a great alternative to the plain white tie, and it brings a bit more warmth to the outfit than the traditional white. A beige tie is a very elegant choice in a tie and can be worn with your everyday outfit as well as for dressed-up special occasions.

Beige ties and black suits go really well together and creates a softer look than the classic black and white contrast. The beige tie gives off a more romantic vibe and is often seen worn at weddings. You can wear your beige tie with practically everything, and it is not as formal as a white. Wear your beige tie with a black pull-over and a white shirt to soften up the contrast, or dive in to the natural colors, and wear it with brown and dark green for a low-key smart guy look.

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A variety of materials

The beige tie comes in a variety of materials, design and shades. The beige color has many nuances to it and is quite sensitive to the fabric - a silk or satin fabric will give a more bright, warm color, where the wool or linen fabric likely has a more matte tone of color.

We have everything from wedding ties to everyday ties

Whether you are looking for your new, subtle everyday tie, or you are in the search of you warm, bright wedding tie, you have landed on the right page. Here at Trendhim, we have a large and very well-assorted selection of ties, and there is something for everyone and every occasion.

We aim to be the best provider of men's accessories, and we have the stock to prove it. Take a look at our product or have a go at our many articles about fashion - maybe you will find some new inspiration to your own style?