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The 925 Bracelet Collection

Durable, strong, and wax coated. The 925 collection from Lucleon is both safe for water and pleasant on the eyes. Each model features a metal piece made of 925 Sterling silver.

The Gordon Bracelet

A simple, clean braid of waxed cotton with a 925s Lucleon pendant. Mixing colours is guaranteed to improve your wrist game.

The James Bracelet

The largest of the bracelets from the 925 collection, the James is solidly built. It comes with a pure 925s silver locking mechanism and has a base of waxed, water safe, cotton.

The Astor Bracelet

With a circular braid the Astor is the more rugged version of the Gordon bracelet. More sturdy but still featuring the Lucleon silver pendant.

Showing Bordeaux 925 Astor Bracelet & Dark Brown Astor 925 Bracelet

Water safe might be an understatement with these bracelets. The cotton cord has been coated with wax, keeping the bracelet safe and you looking good... even while swimming. Which is important.

The William Bracelet

Combining 3 favourites. Stainless steel, 925s silver & leather, we've created bracelet sets that look good and feel better.

Showing Brown 925 William Bracelet

All variations of the William bracelet features natural stones. Each bead featuring its own unique texture, pattern and feel.