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Black Steel Cardholder

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Black steel cardholder

From the Danish brand Lucleon

Gift box included

Made of high-quality 304L steel

Product description

This cardholder is made of polished dark grey and black 304L steel, and features a Lucleon engraving on its lower right corner.

The interior is lined with black velvet.

Covered in protective removable plastic for shipping. Delivered in a handsome gift box.


ID: 2240
Measures 9.5cm x 5.6cm
Holds up to five cards


304L stainless steel

Customer Reviews (77)

See Google translated reviews (77)from international costumers
By Fredrik- 22/02/19

Stylish but small space

Nice design. But little space, only get space 4-5 cards, less if you have several cards with punched text.

Translated by Google
By Anders- 09/07/18

It keeps it in terms of quality and appearance. Satisfied.

Have not discovered anything negative than. Breath quality and feeling. Exactly weight.

Translated by Google
By Mads- 08/05/18

Fast delivery and good humor on the website.

Humor on the website and fast delivery.

Translated by Google
By Line- 30/03/18

Steel card holder black

The card holder is exactly what it says it is. It is simply a cardholder with space for more cards. The lock is not too tight nor too loose. It holds the cards securely in place. I recommend this for women and men who want to use a black steel card holder.

Translated by Google
By Angela- 16/02/18

Super good!

Gave this to my guy when he was full! He was really pleased with it

Translated by Google
By Anders- 05/02/18

Nice and clean

Nice product o fast service

Translated by Google
By Anders- 05/02/18

Nice and clean

Nice product o fast service

Translated by Google
By Karolina- 29/01/18


I think everything is good. The package came quickly to where the package was very nice. That it is safe to order from their website.

Translated by Google
By Morten- 29/01/18

Super price and fast delivery.

Super fast delivery, the price is top - so what else can you want? 5 stars from super satisfied and returning customer.

Translated by Google
By Julian- 26/01/18

Great product

The card case is extremely high quality and looks very elegant!

Translated by Google
By Julian- 26/01/18

Very high quality

The card case is extremely elegant and high quality. Very satisfied!

Translated by Google
By Eddy- 25/01/18


Good quality and solid this item is lightweight and does not bother in the pouch

Translated by Google
By Eddy- 25/01/18


Good qualities and solid this article is light and does not bother in the cover

Translated by Google
By bernhard- 10/01/18

very nice and practical

very good

Translated by Google
By Nathalie- 10/01/18

Super happy :)

Good quality and really nice! Super happy :)

Translated by Google
By Dick- 04/01/18

Not as I expected, I hoped it would have been that the cards were closed in order to easily find the card you are looking for.

It was a fast delivery. It was bad that you had to pick up the item at Posten when the package was too large to be distributed via the mailbox's mailbox.

Translated by Google
By Μαρία- 02/01/18

Modern design, just like in the photo!

Very beautiful and easy to use, but I fear it will be scratched very easily ...

Translated by Google
By Marta- 30/12/17

Very useful and comfortable

It's good, very well packaged, even with free shipping, the shipment arrives on time. Great experience!

Translated by Google
By Verónica- 29/12/17

It was a gift and a great pleasure.

For me it was a success to buy it. Very nice on the outside and inside. Exit. Fast and efficient management

Translated by Google
By Vicky- 21/12/17

Delicious color, nice product, delicious wrapping.

Surely wrapped up, and arrived hugely fast.

Translated by Google
By Bastian- 11/12/17

High quality card case

The case has enough space for some cards, although I had to restrict myself a little :-)

Translated by Google
By Erik- 24/11/17

Great product, fulfills its purpose and offers by its noble appearance an absolute added value.

Great product.

Translated by Google
By Sylvia- 23/11/17

it will turn out, is a Christmas present

if you do not know what man likes so much, here it is

Translated by Google
By ANTONIO- 20/11/17

Great customer service

I still can not know if it is good or bad because it has not arrived at my address. It is seen that there had to be some problem in the delivery. On the contrary, when transmitting my complaints, they quickly agreed and started the delivery of a new product. The speed and customer service have been magnificent. Thank you

Translated by Google
By Wivi- 20/11/17

Highly satisfied young people with high demands

Fast delivery and good customer service

Translated by Google
By Susanne- 20/11/17

Nice combi.

Profesional in a beautiful humorous way. Lightning fast and constantly updating how far they are in the process. All their funny little comments make one in such a good mood. The product was not quite as in the picture. There it looks two colored, but it's just black. However, in an exclusive box, wildlife looks wild but is not. Must be used for Christmas, so if the quality is ok, I do not know yet. All in all, great place to shop.

Translated by Google
By Aino- 14/11/17

The product responded well to the description. Stylish card case!

The product was good and high quality.

Translated by Google
By Michael- 10/11/17

It is a good product.

It is a good product and makes a good impression

Translated by Google
By Cristiana- 03/11/17

Good quality, see fingerprints.

This product looks very beautiful, it has a really nice design, good quality but you can see the fingerprints on the case.

Translated by Google
By Dimitrios- 23/10/17

Noble and stable! High quality!

It is high quality and very nice! Price Performance Top!

Translated by Google
By Laszlo- 22/08/17

Nice feeling to use this quality product!

Have now owned this a couple of days, think it's nice :-) smooth and handy to handle. The quality feels solid, only the future can disprove it. Only negative is actually that I sometimes have trouble opening it. But so far a cruel product, I love it!

Translated by Google
By Ingela- 09/08/17

Achieved expectations

Fast delivery, looks like you thought, nice customer contact

Translated by Google
By Tomas- 18/07/17

Nice, fresh cannon!

Really pleased to get rid of the big wallet I had before. The card holder provides a much smoother and more stylish solution

Translated by Google
By catherine- 12/05/17

Nice simple card holder but very useful for business cards

Good product level quality price. The product arrived in the requested time

Translated by Google
By Amanda- 08/05/17

Stylish, discreet, good size

Nice card holder with a good size, neither big and lumpy nor too thin. Holds what you need! Nice with feed too

Translated by Google
By Nukannguaq- 01/05/17

It's cool and has a nice color. It's just me

It is strong. It does not have any bad pages.

Translated by Google
By Susanne- 17/04/17

Nice card holder

Good service Delivery went very fast. Got the product the following day

Translated by Google
By Pia- 14/03/17

Fantastic service!

Fantastic service! Ordered Tuesday before deadline and received the following day. Well secured in an envelope, and the card holder was also in a nice box ready to pass on. And a kind greeting therein. Will definitely act here again if I need a product that Trendhim.dk negotiates.

Translated by Google
By Dylan- 06/02/17

Good quality

Product has a good quality, at least for the time being. Scratches are something you have to get used to, since it just comes up pretty quickly. The closure and the hinges are fine, but I expect that if there are problems with this product they start there.

Translated by Google
By Daniel- 23/01/17

Very good

Seems really everything is good. The products are of the best quality

Translated by Google
By Julie- 22/12/16

Great color and good quality!

My boyfriend greeted the cardholder, and the dark color looks really nice!

Translated by Google
By Elin- 12/12/16


Tough cardholder at a good price, (to my son), put in a nice box. Would you like to go here again. Easy website, fast delivery

Translated by Google
By Jacob- 09/12/16

Super convenient

Never having been so easy for me to get control of my things. So simple and yet so perfect.

Translated by Google
By Kristina- 19/08/16

Fast delivery, nice website, great products, price / performance ratio top

Great product, padded from the inside :)

Translated by Google
By Joona- 18/08/16

A handy package

In my opinion, the box is good in size and neat, but its surface is easily intertwined, for example. fingerprints.

Translated by Google
By Jonas- 17/07/16


Good cardholder, small and smooth, though it is a bit angular and sharp at the "hinges". Otherwise fully satisfied.

Translated by Google
By Lisbet- 30/06/16

Beautiful and functional

Bought this for my husband and he is really happy with it. Holds well 4-5 cards plus a few notes. The finish is really beautiful.

Translated by Google
By Anders- 26/03/16

Good and very fast service / delivery! Good product.

Can only recommend others to shop at Trendhim! All in all a good experience !!

Translated by Google
By Christer- 24/01/16

Single card holder for a single man

The card holder. Nothing. No.

Translated by Google
By Wasim- 19/01/16


Everything was good

Translated by Google
By Lene- 06/01/16

1000 stars

Everything was going on perfectly. Easy to order, fast delivery, flawless item. Last but certainly not least, amazing communication from your side. It feels almost as if you are worth gold. It is so unfamiliar and different, but very welcome. You must never change that.

Translated by Google
By Louise- 16/12/15


Is pleased with it. Everything was good nothing and complaining about

Translated by Google
By Josefa- 13/12/15

It's great as I hoped for the style

You got it within 4 days as it says, no strul and directly in the mailbox.

Translated by Google
By Susanne- 06/12/15


Throughout a very good product.

Translated by Google
By trond- 15/11/15

Excellent cardholder :)

Satisfied with this :)

Translated by Google
By Usman- 27/10/15

Could not get better

Good prices and delivery went fast. World's best service.

Translated by Google
By Christian- 10/09/15


I am very satisfied. Good prices and fast delivery. Will trade here again.

Translated by Google
By Mathias- 24/08/15

Fast delivery and good product

Fast delivery - satisfied customer. Received emails with status info. Super. Lovely with a fresh language in miscellaneous mails, but it's good to came over - so beware ....

Translated by Google
By Susanne- 19/06/15

Great design - Super easy and fast delivery

Easy to get in touch with possibly. error - canon service - reasonable prices. Card holder delivered in fine box - looks like a million investment - (better than bags in my optics) Will always act again - works with photos, arrows, humor sets, etc.

Translated by Google
By Sami- 18/05/15

Good for delivery

Good for delivery

Translated by Google
By Michael- 16/02/15

good quality.

Fast shipping, good quality for the price.

Translated by Google
By Keld- 19/06/14



Translated by Google
By Conny- 28/12/13

Great gift

I have given a cardholder in a Christmas present. Nice box and nice card holder - fell in good soil. Fast delivery. No problems

Translated by Google
By Mkmun- 14/12/13

Cardholder Men

Really delicious!

Translated by Google
By Troels- 10/01/13

full currency

This was my first cardholder and I can only say that it fully met my expectations. The next generation may like rounded corners for my sake, but that's a detail.

Translated by Google
By Trine- 22/12/12

Very elegant

Very elegant card holder, which on delivery was fully up to the description. Looking forward to it wrapped up on 24. :)

Translated by Google
By madsogA- 21/12/12

Nice card holder ..

A really nice cardholder, whom I look forward to giving in gift - in nice gift box. Very pleased with fast and efficient ordering, payment and delivery.

Translated by Google
By Kristina- 08/06/12


Can only say I am surprised at the quality of this product. Bought it for my husband on a birthday present and he was very fond of this gift. You get a great deal by purchasing this product. It looks exclusive and it's not easy to look cool, which is a huge advantage. Can only say that it was a popular gift to give

Translated by Google
By Cobra- 14/02/12

Very nice card holder

A very nice card holder that looks stylish with its design. Enormous satisfaction with the product and really pleased with it. In short - exceeded my expectations.

Translated by Google
By Ane- 20/12/11

Obedience and abandonment

Super nice gift - Comes in a beautiful box - Looks real excitement - and is very good for use - My girlfriend was delighted with it - and obviously to save a little extra surprise - in my case a couple of concert tickets for the sold out pearl jam concert :-)

Translated by Google
By Betina- 13/12/11


Nice and easy cardholder, seems really delicious, Nice detail that comes in a box :-)

Translated by Google
By Vic- 19/11/11


Super nice card holder in rugged material! Works really high quality and just looks great! The only slight problem is that it attracts greasy fingers like a magnet! But that's how much. Can definitely be recommended. (In addition, the delivery time was very good - Thumbs up!)

Translated by Google
By M- 29/10/11

Nice for the price

Nice holder!

Translated by Google
By duke- 18/10/11


nice card holder in fine wrapping in short a good product ...

Translated by Google
By kenned- 27/09/11


really nice, the image of the product shows in no way how it looks irl!

Translated by Google
By kortholder- 16/07/11


a really nice purchase as a gift.

Translated by Google
By mayonnaise2009- 06/05/11


Just bought and received it. When I opened it I did not expect much, because the picture does not show what it actually looks like. but I opened it and it exceeded all expectations. it is so bold to exude a certain prestige. So far it's all good, it seems solid, but I have not even tested it yet. a good purchase

Translated by Google
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