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Fort Tempus

Black Leather Card Holder

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Hold up to 6 cards plus cash

Crafted from stainless steel and leather

Felt-lined interior

Product description

Keep your cash and cards secure with this classic cardholder. Made of genuine leather and stainless steel, you get a rugged, modern look topped with quality.

At a thickness of only 3/8", it's slim enough to slip in your pocket without being noticed. Holds 6 cards some extra bills in the felt-lined interior.


ID: 1048
9.4cm x 5.8cm x 1.0cm


Stainless steel
Black leather
Felt lining

Customer Reviews (106)

See Google translated reviews (106)from international costumers
By Björn- 03/03/19


Could be a little safer lock. Maybe also some more compartments.

Translated by Google
By ALICE- 10/11/18


Yes, he did.

Translated by Google
By Susanne- 23/10/18

Stylish card holder

Stylish, small and stylish

Translated by Google
By Christina- 30/04/18

Nice place with 5 cards

Clearly approved

Translated by Google
By Morten- 29/01/18

Super for the price and fast delivery.

Super fast delivery, the price is top - so what else can you want? 5 stars from super satisfied and returning customer.

Translated by Google
By Eva- 10/01/18

Nice product.

Nice treatment and lovely comments.

Translated by Google
By Christina- 03/01/18

Super service.

Fast shipping, I thought I was out of sight so it could not arrive before Christmas, but 2 days before came the mail with the package.

Translated by Google
By Ruth- 09/12/17

Super great!

Nice finish, good quality, space for the necessary cards .....

Translated by Google
By diana- 23/11/17

Good quality and nice.

Super nice and very good quality. In addition, I would praise the staff for a very good service

Translated by Google
By diana- 23/11/17

Good quality and nice.

Super nice and very good quality. In addition, I would praise the staff for a very good service.

Translated by Google
By Ruth- 23/11/17

Nice card holder.

Nice finish and look, a bit shiny in the metal, but overall a nice card holder.

Translated by Google
By JOSE- 24/07/17

Comfortable and elegant

It matches the description and qualities described on the page.

Translated by Google
By JOSE- 24/07/17

Comfortable and elegant

It matches the description and qualities described on the page.

Translated by Google
By Rene- 05/07/17

Nice little case

Exactly as described. Good quality and fine finish.

Translated by Google
By Christian- 06/06/17

Meets my expectations

Meets my expectations according to the given description of the product.

Translated by Google
By Morten- 07/02/17

A little too plain ..

It works, but did not get that big wauw experience .. A little disappointed ..

Translated by Google
By Sara- 02/01/17


Super nice card holder and very useful. Perfect size.

Translated by Google
By Line- 30/12/16

Nice cardholder for the money

I think that you could make sure that the glue was not as visible on the card holder. Otherwise very nice condition.

Translated by Google
By Ville- 02/11/16

Good, exactly what it was supposed to be

Good, exactly what it was supposed to be. nothing to complain about.

Translated by Google
By Martin- 24/10/16

Spacious and durable.

Easy to open and close. The leather details are in the thinnest layer though. Wished it was a bit thicker.

Translated by Google
By Renata- 18/10/16

Stylish and luxurious card holder.

Stylish and luxurious. Very satisfied with the product.

Translated by Google
By Hatice- 03/06/16

Good quality

Fast delivery.

Translated by Google
By Kim- 28/03/16


Just give that gas

Translated by Google
By Jens- 28/12/15

The product matched the description

Fast delivery, easy to order.

Translated by Google
By Pernille- 26/12/15

Yet another success

Another success, a new different style for the man, but he totally loved it. Thank you for your prompt delivery and a good product, I sure will not be the last time I shop with you when the man is going to be spoiled.

Translated by Google
By Benthe- 29/11/15

Super pleased

Christmas - as desired by you. Fast expedition - thanks.

Translated by Google
By Michelle- 27/10/15

Fantastic service

Fast delivery. Delicious cardholder who was very pleased with my father. It's simply the world's best side. Great humor - love miscellaneous mails I have received so far. Continue the good work.

Translated by Google
By Lisbeth- 09/10/15

Perfect experience

Only good to say. Perfect experience, fast expedition, and excellent contact. Their feedback is just so nice and fun that it can bring your smile to everyone's lips. Highly recommend the company and the young people who own it

Translated by Google
By Gorm- 12/08/15

Given as a gift

I bought it as a gift, the recipient was completely hysterically happy and thanked me a thousand times. I also got a kiss :-)

Translated by Google
By Bent- 08/08/15

All good

Fast. Effective. Good service.

Translated by Google
By Bent- 07/08/15

Good service - everything okay!

All good. Good communication. Presence and confidence that it works.

Translated by Google
By Omar- 19/07/15

Trendhim products are of good quality and orders are made.

The good thing was that the bargaining went relatively fast, which I was very pleased with. I have no bad things to say about trendhim.dk

Translated by Google
By Tommy- 15/06/15

As expected:-)

Everything went as expected, no problems at all :-)

Translated by Google
By Jesper- 14/05/15

Super service

Everything was good and I was especially pleased with the fun formulations in mails. I would, however, like to make proofreading - quite free for you. I think you're topsize :-)

Translated by Google
By Jørn- 09/04/15

As always absolutely perfect.

Effective and extremely friendly customer care, and as mentioned above very effective.

Translated by Google
By Annebeth- 11/03/15

Luxury card team and bold service

The card holder is very delicious and looks really exclusive. Got the cardholder the day after I ordered and a funny and healthy message that the cardholder was sent. All in all, a good experience and not the last time I shop here.

Translated by Google
By Katja- 05/03/15

Very satisfied :-)

Super fast delivery, and so it's also a very fun and different way, you're addressing customers. At least it was provoked in big smile on my lip ;-)

Translated by Google
By Lars- 03/03/15

Is good to have in your pocket

Good close clap

Translated by Google
By Cornelie- 24/02/15

Super fast delivery, fine product.

Super fast delivery, fine product.

Translated by Google
By Kasper- 23/02/15

Keeps what it promises

Nice card holder and as photos show nice quality for the price.

Translated by Google
By Hakan- 26/01/15


Seems it's good little just like having a hat in your pocket!

Translated by Google
By Annette- 20/01/15

Super smart and nice

It is exactly as it should be. Elegant and delicious.

Translated by Google
By Thomas- 27/12/14

Fast and accurate delivery

Fast and accurate delivery

Translated by Google
By Vibeke- 24/10/14

Fun and different

Excellent and fun service. Totally satisfied.

Translated by Google
By jonas- 22/09/14

Fast delivery and go service

Easy to find around. Good products at reasonable prices. Fast delivery. Not the last time I shop here

Translated by Google
By Michael- 21/09/14

Delicious and makes it easier to keep track of the important cards;)

No bad things have been experienced yet. Can only be recommended, also a reasonable price!

Translated by Google
By Kenneth- 05/09/14

I am satisfied.

Lyn-Børge delivery, nice mails along the way, and carefully bubble wrapped wrapped gift in the mailbox. Good product for the price. The card holder is handy and can be "crowded" with various credit and business cards + a folded banknote or 2. Highly recommended.

Translated by Google
By Bettina- 06/07/14

Very, very, very satisfied!

There is nothing I negatively experienced in the deal. In fact, I was constantly informed of how my goods had it (in the most humorous way!) And when it was sent! Every time I received an email from the company, it was personal and very, very fun! (Remember to peel, swallow the coffee and sit down before opening the mail that contains so lively phrases that you can only laugh at

Translated by Google
By Steenk1- 14/06/13

Fast delivery, however, with shortcomings

Fast delivery and the item is as expected. I took advantage of the offer of a free bracelet that I did not get. (gentleman if you should think about posting it.) It was also the only mistake of bargaining and pity with it. Have only paid for the cardholder.

Translated by Google
By Heidi- 26/03/13

Fast service, greasy design, quality by price.

Easy to order and fast delivery. The design on the card holder is really cool, the coolest I could find, but the quality is also only after the price, which in principle can not be complained about. But I would wish that there was a more expensive version in better quality. The leather is not very good quality, and unfortunately there are a few scratches in it. The same goes for the metal - not the best quality and here too a few small scratches. Would like to pay a dog or two extra to get the card holder in the same design, but with delicious materials and a little more precision in the collections.

Translated by Google
By A.- 29/12/12

Nice card holder.

Fine product. Good and fast service.

Translated by Google
By Maibrit- 19/12/12


Really nice design and fast shipping ... But, though, is excited about whether it can last, it seems a little bit loose ... But then hurry for the return trip ... Looking forward to seeing the man Christmas Eve what he thinks ... Trades like here again ...

Translated by Google
By Anne- 14/12/12


Fast delivery and super good product. Nice leather quality and good price.

Translated by Google
By Stine- 06/12/12

Exactly what I expected

Very nice card holder. It was accurate as I expected. I'm looking forward to the girlfriend getting it for Christmas. He will be very happy.

Translated by Google
By Birgitte- 03/12/12

Super service!

I bought this cardholder for my father for Christmas. I received it already the day after I had ordered it, which was very delicious that it went so much! The card holder looks nice and is in good quality!

Translated by Google
By Kimse- 26/11/12

Nice quality.

It may be a bit deeper, I have personal: Driving license, 2 credit cards, blue health insurance certificate, yellow health insurance certificate, a seasonal card and a digital signature booklet and would also like to have room for a donor card and a couple of business cards. There is hardly room for that. But if you have a little less need than me, it's of a very delicious quality.

Translated by Google
By miss- 15/11/12

Hold on

I would like to start by saying that delivery time is absolutely top when I received my item the day after the order. The card holder itself is worth all the money, super nice design, and good quality, are really happy with it. and can only recommend it.

Translated by Google
By Mike- 07/11/12

Really good for the price

Delivery was super fast, nothing bad to say about it. The card holder itself can hold at least 5 cards and one for two banknotes (have not tried more than that). The quality of the card holder is good and it looks good. The only problem is that it can open well when walking with it in your pocket, which is a little annoying, but not so bad again. All in all, it's a good cardholder for the price .. Especially now that it's on offer.

Translated by Google
By Sofie- 07/11/12


I bought this cardholder for my brother. as a birthday present. Firstly, he really enjoyed it and the product really meets the expectations that one now has for a cardholder. It's nice redeemable durable function can accommodate the amount of cards good luck to a guy. ' yes certainly a good gift for a cannon prize ...

Translated by Google
By Hansen- 30/10/12


Was very pleasantly surprised. Nice card holder for the price. Great service with you, ordered at 17:00 on one day and the next day it was by the post super

Translated by Google
By Tahira- 26/10/12

Quick service

Super good and quick service. Got the product the following day

Translated by Google
By Bedste- 26/10/12


Bought 2 pcs. One for my daughter and one for myself. Got them the day after I ordered. So that was surprisingly good. They are great and easy to have in my pocket when I / we go to town. My daughter got stolen driving license, student card, health insurance card, travel card and wild card 3 weeks ago, so buy this. And I regret it. Nice to know that she does not rant to lose all her cards again.

Translated by Google
By Lene- 18/10/12

Great service!

Extremely good delivery I received the day after I ordered it, which was optimal when my boyfriend had a birthday just after. The quality is absolutely perfect, and even better than so many other cardholders who cost hundreds of dollars. The look is nice and delicious, and my boyfriend was very pleased with it. So girls - there are good opportunities for birthday gifts or Christmas presents! All in all, very satisfactory service!

Translated by Google
By Joakim- 17/10/12

Great product

Super product that is exactly what I expected.

Translated by Google
By Daniel- 12/10/12

Good satisfaction :-)

I've been really pleased with it. I first had some trouble getting the discount and such, but trendhim was good at contacting me back and getting it sorted out. There is a simple scratch in the card holder, but it's not something that gets me on when you get it so cheap. It's super good quality and is totally crazy about it!

Translated by Google
By BJ- 11/10/12


The card holder is really a very nice gift and at a price ALL can contribute. It has a very nice look, it looks like one to several hundred kr. That there may be both cards and banknotes in it is just amazing. So a luxury product at a luxury price. Highly recommended.

Translated by Google
By JF- 10/10/12

Nice card holder for the price

As the headline says, it is an outstanding cardholder for the price. There are a few minuses: a small metal stick is loose - and scratches in the pants. Sharp and uneven edges. And the leather does not sit well together - you can see the glue somewhere. However, it is convenient and easy to walk around - as a cardholder should now be. Nice card holder for 50 kr

Translated by Google
By stef- 06/10/12

even dissatisfied

The first thing I noticed when I received the card holder was a big print in the leather that makes it look like it's used + that the ends of the leather are small, which also makes it look like it's worn + the lining inside the card holder is completely crooked and also have some brands here and there .. generally dissatisfied with the product, but satisfied with the delivery, quickly and easily .. just frankly it was an unsatisfactory item they brought.

Translated by Google
By Eriksen- 05/10/12

Excellent product!

The card holder is far better than expected, to the net amount of 149 (normal price), why I was also happy to turn on when it came to an end! The card holder can contain a total of 7 cards (!), Which is far more than I had hoped. In addition, the open / close mechanism works durable (many cardholders have trouble here) and the leather upholstery gives it a stylish, comfortable and delicious finish!

Translated by Google
By Bering- 02/10/12


It is a delicious product with the price taken into consideration. Was actually a bit surprised. I'm very happy with my holder and think it's monster fat. The service is too bad, I ordered this holder, the day after, I saw it at an offer price, so I called in and in the course of 20 I had a encouraging mail, and the remaining money was in the account again. It's brilliant service! Besides, there are two things to do, so you're up! Trendhim, fed shop!

Translated by Google
By Jeff- 07/09/12


SUPER SERVICE Bought this item - unfortunately there was a problem with the closing mechanism, but after one email a new one was sent - THIS IS SUPER SERVICE - highly recommended

Translated by Google
By Flemming- 04/09/12

Super god.

It meets all my expectations and looks so nice.

Translated by Google
By Johs- 23/08/12

Good for the price

Nice card holder and handy to have in a pocket. Has long been missing one and then fell over this one. Lovely fast delivery.

Translated by Google
By AB- 04/07/12


Great cardholder and expectations were met. Super soft closure of cover. Fast delivery

Translated by Google
By Nanna- 19/06/12


I fell across this cardholder immediately, it is nice and detailed compared to other cardholders. The leather makes it look very expensive, but it costs only 149 kr. The file insert in the card holder is a beautiful detail. There is plenty of room for cards and there can also be banknotes. The delivery time was really satisfactory, it did not last more than 2 days, so I had it. I have not had any need for service as there have been no problems with shipping, product, etc. All in all, a great experience!

Translated by Google
By Mette- 16/06/12

Very satisfying

Super fast delivery and a good cardholder for the price. The man was then happy with it :)

Translated by Google
By jakob- 26/05/12

super satisfied

I recently bought this product I'm super pleased, it's really functional, nice and delicious. There might be room for more cards, but I can only recommend it.

Translated by Google
By sasso- 22/05/12

Lovely little handy card holder

With perfect customer service, the package was lost in the mail

Translated by Google
By MulleH- 22/05/12

Delivering to the requirements

The card holder meets the requirements, it must be able to take both cards and banknotes without getting up, being stylish and easy to open. Delivery was fast and efficient, packaging is in order, so the goods could not be damaged. Only positive from here

Translated by Google
By M.P.R- 24/04/12

good cardholder

Easy and clear website, deliver the product undamaged and within the promised time frame. All in all, very good and satisfactory service ...

Translated by Google
By SVA- 18/04/12


Fast delivery and wrapped so it was an undamaged item that was delivered. Good man bought 2 so there was also one for the wife.

Translated by Google
By NGJ- 18/04/12


Nice card holder. Live up to all that was promised. In addition, it was super fast, good and efficient treatment / delivery.

Translated by Google
By Finn- 16/04/12


Good for the price - small and handy. Fast delivery

Translated by Google
By Mille- 10/04/12

Leather smell and raw, elegant look :)

Bought it for my boyfriend but was just about to keep it myself. There is a plate for the cards and it does not open in the pocket :)

Translated by Google
By kmc- 04/04/12

Meets the expectations

Were a little doubt how nice it would be with leather cover, but it's superfine and discreet. There is room for a lot of cards, and in general, the product lives up to the expectations you get when you read the description. Delivery day after ordering - it could not be better!

Translated by Google
By Simon- 14/03/12


Very nice card holder for the price. Nice design and it's very handy. And really fast delivery. 5 stars from here! :)

Translated by Google
By Ingrid- 17/01/12


Supersmart and practical. Fast expedition.

Translated by Google
By Heidi- 13/01/12


It's a nice little card holder, for the price it's absolutely top notch

Translated by Google
By Cookie- 05/01/12


Nice card holder that is handy. Fast delivery.

Translated by Google
By ih- 28/12/11


really nice size and appearance. good service, fast expedition

Translated by Google
By Lsch- 24/12/11

Fin gave

Easy and easy side, quickly found this cardholder, who fell in good taste with my son, fast delivery and the product match the expectations. We are definitely dealing with you again: o)

Translated by Google
By Carsten- 20/12/11

Nice card holder

Really nice cardholder and quick service :) I'm fully satisfied!

Translated by Google
By KJA- 07/12/11


Nice little cardholder, which I'm sure raises great excitement Christmas Eve. Fast delivery - as promised :)

Translated by Google
By Nicolai- 30/08/11


Nice card holder that is good in hand and is good for what it is supposed to be.

Translated by Google
By Jesper- 23/08/11

Super cool :)

Wrap the ugly wallet, no worn cards loose in your pocket and then it's smart :)

Translated by Google
By Annika- 19/03/11

Super nice

nice fast delivery time. Nice little case. Now it was more for Him, but I'm considering buying one for myself, from here, just in another design.

Translated by Google
By Andersen- 16/03/11

Do what it's bought for

seems intent :) nice design and fast delivery time there is not much to complain about

Translated by Google
By Kristian- 09/03/11

Good extra cardholder

The card holder is purchased to store my company cards. For this purpose, I think it is good as the closing mechanism seems stable. As a cardholder to have in my pocket, the holder seems a bit big and clumsy and I will be tired of wearing it in a pair of nice work pants.

Translated by Google
By Birk- 05/03/11

Nice purchase

The quality of the card holder is not as delicious as it looks in the picture, but it came quickly with the post (big plus!) And there is plenty of room for cards and a little cash. My boyfriend really enjoyed it.

Translated by Google
By Marco- 11/02/11


Is incredibly happy about it.

Translated by Google
By Tepose- 01/02/11


Very bold card holder, nice combination between leather and metal. Ample space for cards and you can have it in your pocket without scratching your phone. Good purchase and fast delivery

Translated by Google
By Høstgaard- 30/12/10


Seems it has the perfect size and looks nice. I'm glad about it.

Translated by Google
By Ruxandra- 24/12/10

Worth the money!

I would like to thank you for a very elegant cardholder. My husband got a big surprise and is very happy for the gift! : D

Translated by Google
By Louise- 10/12/10

Fine it should be!

Seems it's very nice and it's handy and the leather on it makes it look amazingly exclusive to the traditional creditors :) A great purchase!

Translated by Google
By GUS- 05/12/10

Fat cardholder

Very nice cardholder that works as intended. Worth the money.

Translated by Google
By Bang- 23/08/10

Nice card holder

Very exclusive card holder that avoids scratching the phone when it is in the same pocket. A bit thin in the metal, but still worth the money.

Translated by Google
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