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Black and Brown Bracelet

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From the Danish brand Lucleon


Strung on elastic

Product description

This black and brown bracelet is one of Danish Lucleon's all-time best sellers.

A 3-in-1 bracelet made of genuine wooden beads comprising three different finishes in black, brown, and patterned beige. The black bracelet is embellished with a single rectangular Lucleon metal bead.

A versatile accessory that will add a playful touch to a formal outfit, but works just as well with your casual summer ensemble.


ID: 2265
One size fits most

See how this bracelet fits you. The average man's wrist is 18 cm.
Wrist circumference
16cmLoose fit
17cmNormal fit
18cmNormal fit
19cmNormal fit
20cmTight fit

Measure your wrist size

Use a normal tape measurer or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear a bracelet.


If you’re using a strip of paper, you can mark the overlap with a pen, and then measure the length with a normal ruler on a flat surface


Wood, metal, elastic

Customer Reviews (68)

See Google translated reviews (68)from international costumers
By jose- 08/07/19

very good


Translated by Google
By jose- 11/06/19

very good

Colors of bracelets well defined and good finish

Translated by Google
By Stefan- 05/04/19

Three bracelets

Had bought two bracelets previously with leafy Bruma colors and mu i have these three more that are colored in different brown colors - neatly put together. Good quality is the feeling ...

Translated by Google
By Nathalie- 11/02/19


Very beautiful bracelets exactly as shown in the picture but unfortunately not strong. After 2 nights of sleeping there was already a bead in 2 split into bed.

Translated by Google
By Christophe- 31/01/19

Set of three black and brown bracelets.

Very good quality and very original.

Translated by Google
By Cecile- 29/01/19

a little disappointed

the quality is in the appointment except for this bracelet which presented a pearl with a defect of finish (broken wood pearl malformed with the manufacture) and which is seen ... for the price it is a pity, nevertheless it is seen in preparation! .... impossible to offer. I'm disapointed.

Translated by Google
By Hanna- 10/10/18

Very nice bracelet

Very nice processed and stylish product. Unfortunately, we did not have any luck with the one bracelet because the balls came off, but thanks to the super nice and competent team, we received a subsequent delivery directly and are satisfied. Keep it up!

Translated by Google
By Erwin- 15/08/18

Cheap. delivered quickly. looks good.

Very satisfied. I will definitely buy here again.

Translated by Google
By Han- 06/08/18

Beautiful bracelet set

Nice set, consisting of three separate bracelets. You can easily change or remove, because of the firm, elastic ability of the tires. Good quality, very happy.

Translated by Google
By Leroy- 01/08/18

Nice product

Bracelets are delivered in a nice box and are of good quality

Translated by Google
By JOEL- 31/07/18

Nothing to complain about but the triple hard leather bracelet is out since April without information from you

Satisfied with the product but the triple hard leather bracelet is out since April ... without information from you ... ???????????????????? ??????????????????

Translated by Google
By Wolfgang- 16/07/18


The bracelet is great, I can only recommend it.

Translated by Google
By Zofia- 06/07/18

The product was delighted for the gift-recipient :)

Product approx.

Translated by Google
By Maria- 01/07/18

Supercoola bracelet for the sons;) Fast delivery.

Fast delivery, everything was smooth, top.

Translated by Google
By Jean- 25/06/18

Very satisfied with this product

conform to my expectations to see to use ..

Translated by Google
By Wendy- 18/06/18

Top product. Was very much appreciated as Father's Day present.

Fun and airy company with funny way of communicating.

Translated by Google
By Bert- 12/06/18


I found the delivery time quite long but nice product!

Translated by Google
By Dennis- 14/05/18

Excellent, great quality and looks great


Translated by Google
By Raymond- 08/05/18

A lot of quality for a reasonable price

Excellent price / quality ratio but delivery takes a little longer than normal in this time.

Translated by Google
By daniel- 27/04/18

Very good quality price

Nice and chic product

Translated by Google
By herman- 26/03/18

The bead bracelets look good, also in color etc. And a fast service / delivery.

I am satisfied! Do you doubt ff bell and you know it.

Translated by Google
By Váradi- 19/03/18



Translated by Google
By Bill- 09/03/18

Very satisfied :)

Very satisfied!

Translated by Google
By Alain- 19/02/18

Very good and beautiful product for a competitive price

Good product

Translated by Google
By emmanuel- 09/02/18

Super value for money

Cheap quality product

Translated by Google
By Maciej- 22/12/17

very good quality product; in fact, it looks better

Bracelets attract others' attention with their originality

Translated by Google
By Albert- 19/12/17

Beautiful bracelet

Am very satisfied with this bracelet, good quality and fast delivery Would recommend Trenhim to everyone

Translated by Google
By M- 11/12/17

! k is all beautiful! I can not say much about it yet!

I ordered from them a couple of orders to give to my little sons!

Translated by Google
By Pernille- 09/12/17

Great place to shop.

Got my item the day after as promised.

Translated by Google
By Annelise- 08/12/17

I'm really fond of the bracelets.

Only good, not bad.

Translated by Google
By Kerstin- 28/11/17

An ok bracelet.

The bracelet is nicely done, however, the beads are smaller than I expected. It would be nice to see a picture of the bracelet on one arm before deciding to buy it.

Translated by Google
By Germund- 05/10/17

All good.

Absolutely good - nice bracelet.

Translated by Google
By Dennis- 21/08/17

Great quality and very good service!

Very satisfied with the bracelet which is of a good quality.

Translated by Google
By Gerard- 12/07/17

Nice fit modern look.

I am very satisfied with the product.

Translated by Google
By Adriaanjan- 12/06/17

Beautiful for little

Beautiful strong perfectly fitting bracelets that are just part of the trendhim collection

Translated by Google
By Gijsbert- 12/06/17

Top bracelets.

Good quality, super service and delivery,

Translated by Google
By Djaceline- 09/06/17

Nice gift!

Super satisfied. Fast delivery good quality!

Translated by Google
By patrick- 25/05/17

Nice, reliable beaded band. Really more beautiful than on photo

Beautiful product, fast delivery and price / quality ratio is unprecedented.

Translated by Google
By Reine- 12/04/17

Stylish and trendy

Stylish and trendy

Translated by Google
By Jens- 11/02/17


Fits as described, thank you very much

Translated by Google
By Myriam- 04/01/17


Very nice bracelets !! Size also good. Totally happy

Translated by Google
By Myriam- 04/01/17


Very nice bracelets !! Size also good. Totally happy

Translated by Google
By Dirk- 02/01/17



Translated by Google
By Beatrice- 26/12/16


The product of very good quality site to remember for future purchase

Translated by Google
By Raymond- 13/12/16

Beautiful and not broken

Trend line is a very nice store. Is also good with his customers. ! The Bracelet is also top! Very nice and does not break so quickly.

Translated by Google
By Anouska- 05/12/16

Tough bracelets, good quality

The product is liked. Nice quality. The size is also good, friend has no thin wrists, but certainly not fat. Are not recommended for men with thin wrists then they are really too loose.

Translated by Google
By ria- 02/12/16

Fast delivery ring

I thought the beads would be something swords, feels a bit cheap for € 18.95, sorry.

Translated by Google
By Wilma- 26/10/16

Black and Brown Bracelet

Very satisfied .... a nice gift for my father. Fit is fine ...... highly recommended!

Translated by Google
By Patrick- 10/07/16

Good product and nice price.

It is a nice price for 3 bracelets. The quality is also good. Be careful that the bracelets are not very tight, so if you have a small wrist and you can not stand back, this is not recommended.

Translated by Google
By Allan- 07/07/16


Come fast, good quality

Translated by Google
By D.- 25/06/16

Beautiful bracelets. Price / quality excellent

Very satisfied with this set of 3 bracelets. Beautiful! Service and customer focus is unprecedentedly good! Klarer sig godt, Trendhim!

Translated by Google
By Thomas- 25/06/16

Fashionable wooden beads bracelet with a good fit

Good value for money and very good fit.

Translated by Google
By Claus- 06/06/16

Perfect and as in the picture

They are really fine and a 50's cheaper than in a physical business.

Translated by Google
By Sharif- 08/05/16

Stylish and modern.

Stylish and trendy! Minus in order not to order its size. Had to shorten the bracelet itself.

Translated by Google
By Rebecca- 12/12/15

Super nice bracelet came home with the post just a few days after I ordered them. Super pleased!

Come home with the post just a few days after I ordered them. Super pleased! Good quality, cheap to shop with you, there are no disadvantages to your well-planned website! Thousand thanks! // Rebecca

Translated by Google
By Mathias- 13/08/15

Very satisfied

Super cool with the 3 different colors, which everyone can give each and every look. Sitting comfortably on arm and not sleeping.

Translated by Google
By Zubar- 04/08/15

God service

Good service and fast delivery

Translated by Google
By Ahmed- 19/07/15


Good service, satisfied and expected results of the purchase of the product

Translated by Google
By Lene- 11/07/15

Fantastic website

A great page where you can easily find a lot of delicious items to choose from. Really fast delivery. Not the last time I buy that page ;-)

Translated by Google
By Anders- 24/06/15

Fast delivery, good goods.

Very pleased with the order: Cheap, fast delivery and good quality despite the price.

Translated by Google
By Hugo- 10/06/15

Very stylish, trendy bracelet for a low price!

The bracelets were beyond expectations, why? -You had a good size when the tires were sitting pretty hard. - Nice, especially the little stone on the black. -Enkla and fresh but still trendy. What was less good? The paint dissolve quite easily upon contact of water. Mvh Hugo.

Translated by Google
By Nicolaj- 17/05/15


I like the calm and serene way they look and so they are also comfortable to join. Thumbs up

Translated by Google
By Maria- 26/12/12

Nice bracelet

Christmas present for my husband. They look very delicious at him! Quick and good expedition and a plus that there was wrapping so it was just under the tree.

Translated by Google
By Maria- 24/05/12


I was looking for a nice summer bracelet for my boyfriend and fell over this / these super beautiful bracelets on Trendhim. I ordered it and 2 days later it came by mail. Lovely easy - super service. I'd like to do that again :)

Translated by Google
By Mercer- 18/02/12

Good bracelet!

Super cool bracelet. Bold style and good quality! Order it here at trendhim.dk and it came with the mail within a few days. Super service at a good price!

Translated by Google
By HOLMBO- 10/02/12

Fits perfectly........

I was looking forward to receiving the bracelet 1-2 days after ordering, but it never reached the post. The week after I contacted Trendhim and they sent new bracelets the same day. I call it extra-ordinary service. THANK YOU. And the bracelet fits perfectly - it does not slip up and not down on the arm. Perfect. : -))

Translated by Google
By Stokholm- 19/11/11

God service.

Super nice bracelet that suits everyone. It is in good quality and gives a nice look. Highly recommend it.

Translated by Google
By Sindre- 20/09/11

Good bracelet!

I'm from Norway and found this page by chance. This bracelet fits perfectly with my style. I ordered this - and another bracelet from the Danish brand Lucleon. It is clear that the Danes can do this with quality! :-) I am very pleased with the service from Trendhim.dk. I ordered 8 products that came in a big box and delivery time was only 2 days. If the package can arrive so quickly in Norway, it will be guaranteed to go as fast (or faster) in Denmark. So do not hesitate, Trendhim.dk gives you good service and supplies the goods !! :-)

Translated by Google
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