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8 mm Black Chain Necklace

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How to find your necklace size

Necklace lengths
The perfect necklace length is subjective. The sketch is of a 187 cm tall, medium-build model with a 37 cm neck. For most men, a 50 cm necklace is standard. But men aren’t ‘standard’.

It is up to you how low you want a necklace to fall, and that depends on the thickness of your neck, shape of your shoulders, and your height.

Find my necklace size

  • Put a long piece of string behind your neck.
  • Bring the ends together in front of your chest.
  • Mark the string where you want the pendant to fall.

This will be where the top of the pendant falls. A chain will fall higher as it won’t be weighed down by a pendant. Now measure the distance between the marks to find your length.

You can also find your necklace size using a measuring tape in front of a mirror.

Measure your necklace
If you already have a necklace you like, lay it in a straight line and measure its full length, including clasp and ring to determine your size.

  • In stock – Shipping £4 - Free over £49
  • Shipping £4 - Free over £49
  • In stock
  • Return within 365 days - no questions asked!
  • Tough stainless steel build
  • Easy-to-use lobster claw clasp
8 mm Black Chain Necklace
8mm Gold-Tone Chain Necklace
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8 mm Black Chain Bracelet

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