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Colour Is The New Black: Men’s Accessories Trends in 2019

Know how to say colour in 18 different languages? We do. And it seems the French do too. Trendhim’s Colour Report ranks Europe’s most-colourful countries. Time to add ‘couleur’ in your life.

The Top 10 Most-Colourful Countries

  1. France
  2. Germany
  3. Belgium
  4. Finland
  5. Portugal
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Hungary
  8. Netherlands
  9. Spain
  10. Switzerland

The French buy more colourful accessories than any other country in Europe. As black is the number 1 ‘colour’ in every country on our list, taking the top spot means they also buy less black accessories. Bad news for the guy selling black berets.

Colour is the New Black

Summer 2019 is about colour. Our research shows that there’s an uptick in colourful accessories in Europe and around the globe.

Compared to spring 2018, an improvement of 2.21% more multicoloured items have been purchased this year (spring 2019)... time to bring out the colours for your summer holiday.

Black is Not a Colour

While black didn’t factor into our ranking, it’s still the #1 colour choice in Europe. And for good reason – it’s an easy way to add contrast to bright accessories and let that one statement piece really take the spotlight.

Black is a good way to lay the foundation for a vibrant bow tie or lapel pin. Even the colourful French know the importance of not wearing every colour in the crayon box on the same day. Moderation is key, and it helps to have a mirror.

Be Brave. Be Colourful.

Whether you’re a top-ranking Frenchman adept at the art of wearing colours or an 11th-place-wherever, adding colour this summer is officially the right thing to do. Europe supports you… and so does Trendhim.

MonochromaticStill in your own backyard
AnalogousGetting adventurous
TriadicDapper bravery
ComplementaryBalls of steel

The Colour Report is based on shopping habits in men’s accessories at Trendhim for May 2019. Data was compiled looking at all colours across all accessories with the exclusion of black, white and grey. See the compiled dataset here.

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