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Tell Your Story – Win £250

With over 505 million blogs circulating the web today, standing out isn’t an easy task.

We’ve created the Tell Your Stories Blog Award to shine the light on storytellers of all types – from fashion to travel and all the blogs in between – every story is important and deserves to be told.

What is the Tell Your Stories Blog Award?

This is an award created to celebrate you… the blogger. The one with a story to tell and the drive and focus to tell it.

The actual prize is more than just a pat on the back. It includes a chance to win gift cards from Trendhim with a combined value of £550!

How to Enter

  1. You get nominated by a fellow blogger or by Trendhim.
  2. Create a blog post where you answer 5 questions. These questions can be created by the nominating blog or you can use our examples below. If you’re nominating someone, don’t be afraid to ask them out-of-the-box questions. We do love creativity around here!
  3. In your post, link to this page.
  4. Comment below with a link directly to your post (this makes it easy for us to find it!)
  5. Then, nominate 3-5 blogs that you feel deserve a shot at winning! Share the rules with them and you’re done!
  6. Read other great blogs and wait for your chance to win!

Entries end on January 15, 2020. The winners will be selected on January 20, 2020.

We’ll read each entry and choose the ones that tell their story in the most unique and creative way.

The Prizes

  • £250 Gift card for Trendhim
  • £200 Gift card for Trendhim
  • £100 Gift card for Trendhim

Got It?
Any questions? Ask us in the comments below or contact press@trendhim.com and let’s do this!

What to Do if Nominated for the Tell Your Stories Blog Award

1) Thank the nominator and link to their blog in your post. It’s all about sharing the love and helping more people discover great content!

2) Answer the questions sent to you by the nominator.

3) Display the badge at the bottom of your post. The easiest way to do this is to download the image and upload it to your blog.

4) On this page, comment with a link directly to your post.

5) Nominate 3-5 blogs that you feel deserve a shot at winning! Make sure you send them the rules and the questions you created.

6) Grab a cup of coffee and wait for your chance to win!

Example Questions to Use

When you nominate a blog, don’t be afraid to create your own questions for them to answer. If you get stuck and need some help, use these 5 to get started.

1) What was the first story you remember hearing?

2) If your personal story was a movie, what would be the name of it?

3) What’s the one thing in your closet that you can’t go without?

4) Small details make a big difference. True or false?

5) Back to that movie – how would it end?

Want to win?

Add a link to your post in the comments here, so we know you are with us:

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