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Oldschool DE Safety Razor

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Classic 3-piece design for old school wet shaving

Rough handle for better grip

Uses standard double-edged blades

Perfect for beginners

Product description

This retro 3-piece safety razor is the essence of old school wet shaving! The Handle comes with a rough surface for extra grip.

Closed comb protects your face. Nicely weighted so you can let the razor do the work without having to press the blade against the skin.

Uses any standard double-edged razor blade on the market.


ID: 7710
Razor length: 10.7cm
Handle length: 9.8cm
Razor weight: 80 g


Genuine brass frame, chrome plated

Customer Reviews (53)

By Wynford- 13/05/18

The best shave ever

if you thinking of buying one just do it you will not regret it

See Google translated reviews (52)from international costumers
By Pauline- 13/06/19

Engraving is not neat.

I assume that the product works. The razor itself looks great, as described and in the photos. The engraving is a different story and I think it is a shame, since you have opted for it and paid extra for it. It is neat and done right, but there are open spots inside the letters that are not engraved. This makes it look very messy. And now that I lightly brush my nail over it, the engraving simply releases and only the outline remains ...

Translated by Google
By Teresa- 11/06/19

The item was to offer to my husband, who was quite pleased.

The article exactly matched expectations. My husband is very pleased with his use.

Translated by Google
By Jennifer- 13/02/19

Beautifully handy gift for yourself and the environment.

First of all, it is a beautiful ornamental item in your bathroom. Secondly, it is a saving in your wallet. Third, it is a reduction of plastic use. And it works super nice. Although you have to work with a little more patience, but that too is a treat for yourself. However, remove the stainless steel in the correct manner. when replacing the blade.

Translated by Google
By Стефан- 08/02/19

Easy to use.

Full compliance with expectations.

Translated by Google
By Petra- 02/01/19


Good planer with good price!

Translated by Google
By Pedro- 07/12/18

Perfect shave with this machine. I do not have much experience with this type of razor but I was very pleased with the first impressions. Blade cuts very well and has an ideal weight and length

Very good item. Very beautiful finishes with traditional lines. Exceeded my expectations for the positive

Translated by Google
By Pedro- 06/12/18

Perfect shave with this machine.

Machine with spectacular finishes. It lived up to my expectations. Thank you.

Translated by Google
By Rahel- 08/10/18

Top product

Price / performance is consistent. Planer is comfortable to use and has a good quality. Completely satisfied with this shopping experience.

Translated by Google
By Παναγιώτα-Ειρήνη- 15/06/18


I was very impressed by the razor! It's very easy to use and I did not have the issue the very first time I used it! The weight is perfect, I feel like holding a little treasure in my hands!

Translated by Google
By Vincent- 11/06/18

Quality a bit light

The razor does not inspire great confidence. The finishes are a bit light. And the delivery is longer than advertised (2 weeks) ...

Translated by Google
By Roland- 31/05/18

Works very well and works very well after a short time

I previously used system shavers from BIC. These were cheap and very pleasant, but quite a bit, garbage. So I bought this safety razor. I'm very satisfied. The first two shaves did not lead to the same result as with the system shavers, but then I had the "turn" or the right angle and especially the contact pressure (this should be barely available) out. I look forward to every shave!

Translated by Google
By VC- 31/05/18

Nice knife, also for ladies!

It takes some getting used to after the good old Gilette knives, and it has cost a few slices, but once used to it is super fine!

Translated by Google
By Salvatore- 16/05/18


Is good in the hand and has a nice weight

Translated by Google
By Αραμπατζής- 02/05/18

Classic safety razor!

Very good for beginners! It has a nice feeling and good weight.

Translated by Google
By Claude- 24/04/18

Disastrous ... cut myself and skinned several times. I have since taken my old commercial 5 blade razors

A precise and detailed instructions for use would be more than useful ...

Translated by Google
By Laurent- 22/03/18

Traditional shaving

Excellent safety razor for the beard thanks to the closed comb (more security to avoid cuts). Its weight and size are ideal for a good grip, we get a perfect shave without having to support! It allows beautiful lines of outlines. A little less convenient for the skull because we must rinse the blade a lot during shaving (hair accumulating faster and more abundantly than beard hair). I discover with this razor the pleasure of traditional shaving!

Translated by Google
By Markus- 08/02/18

The Oldscool double-bladed safety razor is exactly what I need.

The device fits well in the hand, is easier and more accurate to guide than I thought. But the most important thing: the part really shaves. I use solid shaving soap and shaving brush. Slip the skin over the skin once, soap myself again and take the rest with the stroke. The result is the best I've ever had. Does that mean my wife? Ade system razor. Welcome you contemplative ritual that lets pass unnoticed the one minute I spend longer in front of the mirror.

Translated by Google
By Carlos- 01/02/18

Supe Oldschool DE Safety Razor.

If you want to shave like in "Old Days" then this is where you should buy Oldschool DE Safety Razor.

Translated by Google
By Ariel- 10/01/18

Very beautiful and especially very effective. My man finally soft skin, so soft ...

Very good quality and especially .... finished disposable plastic razors that pollute our planet already sick ...

Translated by Google
By Malthe- 10/01/18

Delicious and stylish.

The product is working properly, however, be aware that you are collecting it correctly.

Translated by Google
By Etienne- 02/01/18


Does not cost much and is great

Translated by Google
By Dragan- 02/01/18

The razor is great in the hand, the blade is inserted quickly.

The price-performance ratio is more than convincing. With no real weaknesses, the Parker with closed crest is an absolute buzz for me.

Translated by Google
By Layla- 29/12/17

Valuable products at a very good price

Well-made, lies well in the hand. We recommend.

Translated by Google
By Karine- 27/12/17

Very satisfied

Excellent quality product Careful package and accurate tracking of the shipment

Translated by Google
By Mette- 18/12/17

Super dims:)

A sensible barbergreja for a sensible money.

Translated by Google
By Ana- 14/12/17

Great quality!

Corresponds to expectations.

Translated by Google
By Jaroslav- 10/12/17

Super shave

Quickly delivered, well-packed package

Translated by Google
By Paul- 27/11/17

Very good cheap product

This product is worth

Translated by Google
By Jyri- 16/10/17

Forget Disposable Scaffolding!

High quality classic brownie that lasts for a lifetime ...

Translated by Google
By Nick- 10/10/17

Solid razor

Good and high quality manufacturing

Translated by Google
By Cæcilie- 17/07/17

Good quality

It feels easy to use, the few times I've used it. Delicious quality and greasy with a sustainable alternative to mach3 like scratches.

Translated by Google
By Mike- 26/06/17

Nice and aesthetic.

Good quality product. Aesthetically pretty and a simple grip. The monitoring and the associated service of the site is very pleasant. Do not hesitate to order.

Translated by Google
By Mariia- 22/05/17

A great tool

The man praises the precision and simplicity of the design. He falls in the hand and the shave is joyful.

Translated by Google
By Anna- 11/04/17

Take time to get used, but once you find the technique it's great

very good quality

Translated by Google
By raoul- 29/03/17

excellent shaving and blades of very good quality

I recommend this razor

Translated by Google
By Valérie- 16/03/17

Super handy for beginners!

Beautiful, good quality and nice and effective shave!

Translated by Google
By Jean- 14/02/17

Very good

Product of good quality, as described. I recommend

Translated by Google
By Emilia- 23/01/17

Nice to use when you get used to it

It's nice to use - also for women;) The order and delivery itself were also just great. Should I use more things from here, I would not hesitate to do that :)

Translated by Google
By Liisa- 20/01/17

Ordered for the man, very pleased

Good shopping, the man has been really happy with the product.

Translated by Google
By laurent- 05/01/17

quite what the recipient was waiting for

yes very beautiful razor hand, very beautiful object.

Translated by Google
By lasse- 04/01/17

Straight in the eye...

Nice tool.

Translated by Google
By Robello- 02/12/16

All ok

Very good quality

Translated by Google
By Jonas- 14/10/16

Very good product !!

Very good product !!

Translated by Google
By filip- 10/10/16

Cheap and good

Cheap and good quality

Translated by Google
By Marcel- 07/10/16

Pleasant and easy to use

From the point of view of a razor beginners this product is really successful. In addition to the handy construction and ease of use, this razor also makes a very valuable impression.

Translated by Google
By Daniel- 08/09/16

Stable and compact

Everything was good

Translated by Google
By Pilot- 29/07/16

Heavy and therefore effective.

Translated by Google
By Kim- 11/04/16

Super god

Can not think of anything else

Translated by Google
By Jaakko- 25/01/16

It's okay.

Good-looking planer. In my opinion, the attachment of the blade was a bit clumsy, completely screwed off the end of the plank (planer into three parts) and put the blade up. The same thing is already found and it is screwed off the "hat" of the planer (planer two-piece) and the blade gets in place.

Translated by Google
By Annette- 26/12/15

God ol' school stil!

My boyfriend was incredibly fond of this razor - and thought it was quite nice to spend time slowly to care and arrange the beard with this ol 'school model - that he also used sandalwood raspberry and subsequent oil only made the whole experience much more uhmm .. - for me

Translated by Google
By Staelens- 23/10/15


Long sought and luckily found with you recommend your store to everyone at the top

Translated by Google
By Primera- 13/06/15


Meets expectations ... no regrets

Translated by Google
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