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150ml Sandalwood & Shea Butter Shaving Soap


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Classic shaving soap

Free of parabens, artificial colours, and silicones

Great for any skin type

Product description

A fantastic shaving soap from the well-known Italian brand Proraso. Foam the soap up with your shaving brush and get the closest, smoothest shave you've ever had!

This soap contains no harmful substances. It's been enriched with sandalwood and shea butter, both of which contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that soften and nourish the skin.

Treat your face right with Proraso!


ID: 5588
Volume: 150ml

Customer Reviews (64)

By Korinna- 26/12/17

Smells lovely and seems to do the job!

See above!

By Ivan- 17/04/18


Great product. Makes very smoot shaving

See Google translated reviews (62)from international costumers
By Sarah- 15/01/19

Very well !

My darling has not tested it yet, but at first glance, the smell and texture are very nice! To see in time for its efficiency!

Translated by Google
By Marie-Louise- 31/12/18

Smells incredibly good and acc. reminds sons very comfortable for the skin

The product perfect and good with fast delivery, so it is just to buy !!

Translated by Google
By Cm- 26/12/18

Very satisfied


Translated by Google
By Sirpa- 18/10/18

Responded to expectations

Good-looking and inexpensive shave soap. I recommend!

Translated by Google
By Ulf- 14/08/18


absolutely perfect, easy working

Translated by Google
By Balázs- 08/08/18

Excellent product

Very pleasant long lasting fragrance. The razor edge glides smoothly.

Translated by Google
By Jorma- 06/08/18

Jorma Ruuth

The product is great and the smell is pleasant. I can not see anything repugnant. Foam very well. To whom this product is invalid can not watch another option. Good value for money.

Translated by Google
By Stian- 11/07/18


Smells beautiful! Foams up perfectly. Recommend to anyone who likes a good mild shaving rag. I got it after 5 days and could not have been more pleased!

Translated by Google
By Paolo- 29/05/18

Sufficient and efficient

A good foam that can even be applied by hand. Nice skin sensation and effective shaving.

Translated by Google
By Henrik- 13/04/18

Foams well, you have to like smell

The soap itself is good quality, but you have to like the smell. On other sites you can find them a bit cheaper.

Translated by Google
By Jukka- 09/04/18

Expected, not allergic

It is a good thing to do, the end begins to harden and the substance no longer foams. That way, it looks like all the matching beach soap products. Comfortable box.

Translated by Google
By Claude- 09/04/18

perfume sandalwood

Am addicted to sandalwood scent. This product seems very successful. Perfect shave and discreet perfume that follows you a long time. I recommend :)

Translated by Google
By Benny- 02/04/18

Good shaving cream.

The product came quickly. As always, you smile with your e-mail. Thank you

Translated by Google
By Christophe- 26/03/18

A very good smell

The cream smells very good. We keep this odor unobtrusive all day

Translated by Google
By Pia- 15/03/18

Price / performance perfect

Was a gift, so I do not use it myself. But the smell is great.

Translated by Google
By Fabian- 12/02/18

Good for sensitive skin too

Good product, price performance is TOP

Translated by Google
By Marta- 25/01/18

Nice, soft and amazing

Adequate for a long time 2 years maybe

Translated by Google
By Miki- 12/01/18

Better than shaving cream on can.

If you have a nice skin like myself when it comes to shaving, it's really good with these from Proraso. One should, however, just get used to skimming it well. Possibly with the help of youtube - remember to use a good "diet" one can really feel the difference.

Translated by Google
By richard- 01/01/18

lame et savon super

good smell soap and soft blade

Translated by Google
By Björn- 01/01/18

Tiptop for on the way

The product smells good and you can shave it well. But it should give more foam and smell more intense :)

Translated by Google
By Kris- 11/12/17

Nice smelling shaving soap

Delicious smelling and soft shaving soap in handy box. Top!

Translated by Google
By Tom- 20/11/17

Papa, how nice you smell!

Thick, nice smelling soap, solid foam!

Translated by Google
By Daniela- 16/11/17

Wonderful scent

The product makes a wonderfully pleasant foam together with the corresponding shaving brush. Since I have sensitive skin ... for these also recommended. I really like the smell, too. All in all highly recommended. I will buy again.

Translated by Google
By Stellan- 25/09/17

As usual, highest quality!

Mycet bent with this product. Will order this more times :)

Translated by Google
By Roy- 27/08/17

A little loose in the consistency

Or else ok

Translated by Google
By PEDRO- 10/07/17

Top! The best shave I ever had!

I thought I was "one more product" to shave but it surprised me a lot. I strongly advise. I'll try the eucalyptus.

Translated by Google
By Kalle- 26/06/17

Very good

It is difficult to buy an online product with some scent. When it comes to a pretty precise and demanding nose. But! Get right! A mild, very pleasant, suitable masculine and smelly fragrance here. Foams well and works properly. I will continue to buy ... although this will endure tens of driving cycles ..

Translated by Google
By Thomas- 09/06/17

Very good!

A very comfortable straight soap with good results. Sufficiently neutral in no way take over. I will definitely buy the same brand again!

Translated by Google
By Norbert- 06/06/17

Good soap - clear buy recommendation

Good soap - clear buy recommendation

Translated by Google
By Res- 24/05/17


smells good, foams up nicely, is rich

Translated by Google
By Joseph- 20/05/17

Good soap: but dries a little fast once applied

Soap pleasant to use (texture and smell) but once applied, tends to dry a little too fast for my taste.

Translated by Google
By Kimmo- 27/02/17

Good shave soap

Prosaro's soap is easily accessible with a good and slippery foam.

Translated by Google
By Juha- 21/02/17


A mild but still present scent. From shavings, this made some fun and the cheeks became "cheek-sweet".

Translated by Google
By Andreas- 17/02/17

The best soap!

This soap is super! It completely smells good and still moisturizes the skin

Translated by Google
By Sabine- 07/02/17

Was a gift for my husband

Is very satisfied at any time happy to process, delivery, communication 5 stars :-)) thank you very much

Translated by Google
By sarah- 06/02/17

Super shaving soap

Very soft shaving soap, gives a soft skin and smells very well

Translated by Google
By Andrea- 11/01/17

I can recommend the store

Good communication, nice "friend" emails.

Translated by Google
By Peder- 10/01/17


A little hard to get up a good foam but well there looked okay.

Translated by Google
By lasse- 04/01/17


Smells excellent.

Translated by Google
By Christian- 15/11/16

Smells terribly fresh.

Doing something else to smell and smell really good is strongly recommended

Translated by Google
By Martin- 24/10/16

Very comfortable.

Somewhat difficult to dissolve without shaving brush. Works well if you "massage" it up with hot water though.

Translated by Google
By Peter- 18/10/16

Tasty nourishing shaving soap

To buy

Translated by Google
By Joakim- 29/09/16

My first choice when it comes to sandalwood scent.

This is my favorite of sandalwood fragrances, contains true sandalwood oil and not perfume-dusting sandalwood that many other manufacturers use. It smells wonderfully good with a little strength, the girlfriend loves the smell with (y). The solder gets stuck and is lovely to shave, the taste / smell is divided, but I recommend everyone to try it at least once.

Translated by Google
By Carl-Oskar- 15/09/16

Perfect amount of lather

Convenient container that gives you the perfect amount of lather for each shave and lets nothing go to waste. Also leaves a very pleasant scent of sandalwood.

Translated by Google
By Hannu- 11/08/16


The best soap I've used so far. Foam is thick and easy to build. The smell is pleasant.

Translated by Google
By Dan- 31/07/16

Make the shaving comfortable

The rake is perfect for straight brush and old-fashioned razor. The shaving is comfortable and the soap smells good.

Translated by Google
By Ashwin- 04/07/16

Fine soap

I like the soap very well. No irritated skin afterwards and very soft. And the woman likes to smell it too.

Translated by Google
By Kurt- 17/05/16

Super business

Good place to shop

Translated by Google
By Tonny- 14/04/16

Delicious raspberry juice with a beautiful scent

Like all the other things I bought at Trendhim, this is also a good quality, delicious package, and the shipment itself arrived on time. Exactly as promised

Translated by Google
By Bo- 27/03/16

Super comfortable soap

Perfect soap for the slightly delicate skin

Translated by Google
By Pasi- 07/03/16

Great soap

Very good smell, frowns really well and feels comfortable slippery. I repeat.

Translated by Google
By Kasper- 16/02/16

Smooth and fragrant

Delicious shaving cream that gives a good shave. I have nice skin - but that's not a problem here

Translated by Google
By Gry- 26/12/15

Get new with a cost sweep!

This may be the best gift a woman can give her husband! The list of reasons may be long but only takes a few points: 1: It was fun to shave 2: Really comfortable but not dominant smell. 3: The skin was not irritated and red, and I imagine that it gives moisture. Looks like this 4: The man spends more time than me in the bathroom (something unsure if this is good in the long run) 5: Increased self-esteem and self-esteem 6: Happy man, make happy wife!

Translated by Google
By Staffan- 11/12/15

Good lather

Easy to get a good lather, quite mild scent which is good.

Translated by Google
By Allan- 01/08/15

Incredibly delicious soap

Incredibly delicious soap, but it would be more fun in the bathroom with a bowl of china.

Translated by Google
By Ove- 04/06/15


Everything was good! A nice soap that makes it a nice moment to shave which is something that has been a bit half-time before.

Translated by Google
By Claus- 16/02/15

Soap as expected, perfect

Good soap, fine texture

Translated by Google
By Kasper- 09/02/15

Good shaving soap

Takes a bit longer to foam with the brush than "Taylor of Old Bond street", but a good soap

Translated by Google
By Bent- 28/01/15

To be used as a gift on Friday, but good service

There is good service from your company

Translated by Google
By Kim- 31/12/14

Top top baby sauce

Gives a good feeling and smells amazing

Translated by Google
By Henrik- 25/12/14

Perfect soap

Now I finally found a shaving cream soap that I like allergy can use is just so happy

Translated by Google
By Rene- 06/12/14

superb shaving cream

A hot soap recommends it

Translated by Google
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