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Pink ties

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Boys get blue things, girls get the pink stuff. That’s the tradition before you arrive into this world. Blue is most definitely a ‘boy's colour’, but girls start wearing blue dresses as they get older so it shouldn’t seem weird for guys to consider wearing pink clothing items. Yet, a pink tie still takes guts for most men to wear.

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Why you need a pink tie

Lads, if you can pull off a pink tie, prepare to be flooded with compliments from the ladies. If you choose the wrong pink tie however, prepare to be judged! They can be worn anywhere, it’s the shade of pink you choose that will lead you to knowing what is or isn’t appropriate.

Impressions of a pink tie.

Pink has always been a friendly colour, and with a pink tie you give a nice, playful and cute vibe. If you’re on a date, pink is portrayed as romantic and charming, a great way to make a first impression on a date.

What occasions suit a pink tie

Pink is most accepted during spring and summer when lighter colours are the way to go. Pink can be worn in most scenarios, both formal and casual and the pink tie has become a theme for many parties over the years.

When pink goes wrong.

Pink is a colour with plenty of positive images, but it can be misleading as well. Some people may see wearing pink as a sign of weakness, someone who is too emotional, cautious and naive.

Famous pink ties

The colour of his tie isn’t a focus with the upcoming Presidential elections, but during the reality TV show, Donald Trump became famous for his favourite pink tie. You’ll see many celebrities sporting a pink tie, but no one has really owned one regularly.

Randomly, an 85 foot pink tie celebrated the opening of Mathematics & Computers Building at the University of Waterloo in 1968 thanks to a professor's signature pink tie.

Tips for wearing a pink tie

Light pink ties are the most common colour you’ll spot, but there are various shades of pink that will necessitate different fabrics and colours to be pulled off with style.

  • Pale pink ties. Outdoor weddings are perfect situations for a pale pink tie when suits tend to be light in colour.

  • Hot pink ties. Hot pink has been associated with Pride since the 1970’s and still maintains an image of eccentric style that takes real courage to pull off. If you can manage to wear one though, you’ll exude confidence.

  • Blue and pink tie. Pink and blue match well together, it just takes a look at the colour wheel to see that. If you’re not at the stage wear a totally pink tie is going to work for you, a blue and pink pattern might be the middle ground you’re looking for.

Where to buy a pink tie in the UK?

You can find a variety of pink ties in retail shops in the UK, but they lack a choice of style and colour choice. Purchase a pink tie here and you’ll be happy with your purchase, knowing it’s the pink you really want.
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