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Moustache wax

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Having a moustache is a classic sign of style, elegance and manliness. Of course, this is true only if it's properly kept and groomed. If not well taken care of, the effect of a moustache is quite the opposite. One of the first things you'll need to help you style and achieve the desired look is moustache wax.

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Join the Tribe for exclusive discounts, style inspiration and more!

The right tools

Moustache wax, is your first tool to help you achieve the classic look. The wax helps you control and style your moustache by adding some weight and texture. It will make your whiskers more pliable and they will pretty much stay where you left them.

This will let you sculpt and style your moustache however you want as well as control whiskery hairs so it doesn't become bothersome. Besides, keeping your facial hair out of your mouth is always useful.

What makes a great moustache wax

Moustache waxes are usually either petroleum based or made with natural ingredients. Petroleum based generally contains petroleum jelly and mineral oil among the ingredients, as well as an added scent. You don't want this scent to be overwhelming, as it will spend a lot of time under you nose all day.

The other option, which we highly recommend, is to buy a mustache wax made out of natural ingredients. Natural mustache wax is often made with beeswax, shea butter and natural oils such as jojoba. These are great for moisturising and shaping your moustache, and have a pleasant natural scent.

As far as hold goes, you can find the right amount of hold you need. From light to heavy, there are enough options to keep your mustache under control, no matter how unwieldy it may be.

How to apply moustache wax

Applying it is fairly straightforward, just heat it up by rubbing it between the palms of your hands until softened and then apply. It’s always best to apply wax in little bits to avoid that “cake plaster” texture. Another tip is to keep the wax in your pocket. Having it close to your body will keep the wax warm and make it easier to apply.

Hydrating your moustache

You should also consider some conditioners or moustache oil. These will make your moustache hair easier to manage and are a great complement to the wax since they help to keep you moustache hair well conditioned.

Moustache care

At the end of the day, remember to wash your moustache with water and soap to remove any residue from the wax. Most organic mustache waxes just need water to come off. If you are using a petroleum based one, you should use an oil based remover to make sure it's removed and your facial hair and skin aren't affected.

Keep your moustache looking classy. Choose one of our natural moustache wax products and use it to style up your precious tache.
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