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Want to be the life of the party? Want to blend in and feel comfortable? With a beige tie the choice is yours. You can be as creative as you like, and experiment with a wide range of different colour combinations. Or you can keep the colours more plain. Beige is a simple tie choice that can’t go wrong. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring…
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The story of beige

Beige is a colour with history. The term “beige” as a colour came into use in England in the late 1880’s. Beige combines the security and comfort of brown with the simplicity of white. It creates a natural and earthy colour, which men like to wear to a wide variety of events and occasions.

Wear a beige tie for any occasion

Beige is a straightforward choice no matter what event you wish to attend.

Wear for business

Just imagine when you turn up at your next business meeting, or formal gathering. Or at your workplace. You feel comfortable and confident because you look professional (but not too conservative and dull). This is because you know for a fact that a beige tie (and a white shirt) is a choice that never fails. Wear beige at any business event if you want to look sharp without going over the top.

Wear at parties and social gatherings

Imagine when you attend your next party with your beige tie. You feel confident because you’re dressed well, but you don’t feel as though you stick out like a sore thumb. Or imagine a different scenario: This time, you want to be the life of the party. You wear a flamboyant outfit, and you top it off with a beige tie because other ties will clash. Again you feel confident, because you’re expressing your personality just the way you want.

This is the versatility of such a tie - you can look slick without drawing too much attention to yourself, or you can be the most lively person in the room.

Matching your shirt and tie

If you want to take advantage of the simplicity and comfort this colour offers you, then it will go best with a white shirt. Over the top you can put on a wide range of different coloured suits like black, blue, brown, or more.

But beige is also a colour that you can experiment with, so go wild! Whether you want to put up a professional, casual, or even a natural image, you can do so with different colour combinations.

Put up a professional image

For a “professional” image you can combine beige with black so you can portray “strength” when you interact with people. This is great for business events, formal social gatherings, and the workplace.

Put up a casual image

For a more “casual” look, you can combine beige with just about any colour you can imagine. Then you can express your personality the way you want to at parties and informal occasions of all types.

Put up a more natural image

You can also create a more “earthy” look with beige. Just combine it with colours like green, brown or orange. You can do this at both formal and casual occasions.

Buy a beige necktie in the UK

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